Navajo Joe vs. Captain Apache

Who do you like the most?

navajo better… litle better…
captain apache he’s not bad but the movie was really terrible

Joe is clearly the better film but the question here surely is which is the worst wig.
The Captain gets that nod by a hair.

Navajo Joe

Captain Apache should have been Captain Mapache : the film is mediocre at best, it’s one Lee’s weakest performances, and he looks awful

Navajo Joe…he has a better wig :slight_smile: .

Captain Apache every time… its a better name

Captain Apache has a better song.

Navajo Joe, Lee looks weird without the moustache and Burt must have tried something with Nicoletta I Know I would

Navajo Joe easily.

this thread must be called navajo joe vs Captain apache vs Keoma ;D

Or … Navajo Joe vs Captain Apache vs Keoma Vs White Comanche ;D

I really like Navajo Joe, I’d liked Burt to have made more spags.

Still one of my favourite Burt starring films to this day.

navajo joe and 100 riflus

I’ve seen both centuries-ago but I can’t remember either one, so I can’t vote.

Love both movies but the Navajo gets my vote

Navajo Joe Navajo Joe,Navajo Joe Navajo Joe

Better Song much better Movie :slight_smile:

I have a Captain Apache DVD but due to its bad reputation I haven’t watched it (yet at least).

Navajo Joe is rather mediocre but it has its extremely difficult mystery regarding where (in Spain, in Almeria/Granada ? or ???) the “ESPERANZA” railway station was filmed. No one has definitely solved that mystery so far. The least bad candidate I think is the Piñar station along the Guadix - Granada line.

Captain Apache is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen

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Lee says, Thanks! :rofl::joy::rofl: