Navajo Joe (Sergio Corbucci, 1966)

(Paco Roman) #121

Just watched Navajo Joe again. It was one of the first SW I ever watched and I still love it.
It would be easy to nitpick this movie because of terrible plot holes, stupid bandits, … Aldo Sambrel is great as Duncan. Same goes to Nicoletta Machiavelli (under-challenged) as Estella and I always enjoyed Burt Reynolds as Navajo Joe. Funny the only one of these three main characters which is laughing in the movie is Duncan.
It’s quite sad that Reynolds didn’t gave an interview or something about this work with Corbucci. Hopefully he isn’t ashamed of it or something. During his career he made some really terrible movies but Navajo Joe isn’t one of them.
The score of Morricone is again a great experience. After you watched the movie the refrain Navajo Joe, Navajo Joe will still remain in your ears and you’ll hear the music for hours. IMO the score wasn’t not overused but definitely not underused. :slight_smile:
Something is confusing : there is a picture with Machiavelli holding a gun on several covers and promotion pics. Maybe I oversaw the sequence but I cannot remember seeing her with a gun through the whole movie. 8)

(Stanton) #122

What you say: only a promotion pic.

(Spaghetti Monkey) #123

I believe Burt does not like this movie at all. Legend is he once punched a reporter who asked him about NAVAJO JOE. I would agree that he has made movies he could be ashamed of, but this ain’t one of 'em. I’d give it at least a 7/10.

(Dillinger) #124

Maybe he doesn’t like his hairdo in this one…

(LankyFellow) #125

Absolutely agreed !
Maybe someday he realize that ‘Navajo Joe’ is his best one :smiley:

(Stanton) #126

No, that’s without any doubt Deliverance

(Paco Roman) #127

I was thinking more of his Comedies like Canonball Run 2 or A Cop and a 1/2 ! ;D
And yes Deliverance and Boogie Nights (as the porn producer!) are his best movies.

BTW the Koch Media Release is really nice again. I complain about Burt but there is no Comment of the great Aldo Sambrell either. He is totally scary and mean as Duncan and one of the reasons Navajo Joe is a Goodie! Love the quote of Duncan that he hates indians because his mother was an indian and he hates the whites because his father was white. :wink:

(scherpschutter) #128

I watched the Koch Media DVD last night

It’s a bit sharper than the French disc, but the French disc has a cleaner image
I guess the French disc was filtered more heavily, resulting in a very clean, but softer image

Still have to watch the extras

The film: I must say that its weaker points become more sensible when you watch the movie several times within a short period. Alex Cox is right about the day for night scenes: I never really like them, but in this movie they’re awfull (and predominant). I also had the idea the Koch disc has ‘brightened them up’ a little, but I’m not sure. I gave away my French disc, but still have a TV recording, so I’ll check this later.

(Stanton) #129

I have 2 versions of the film in which the day for night scenes look quite different. In one they look rather dark, like it should be, but still the sun shadows are clearly visible. In the other it looks more like day scenes with some strange black shadows.

(ENNIOO) #130

Is this the print from the Japanese disc ?

(scherpschutter) #131

I’ll make some screenshots from the two versions I have (I saved the screenshots I made from the French disc).

(Stanton) #132

The Japanese has the night scenes, which look in the German TV version that different. Also the scene when they arrive in the morning at the cemetery is very different. In one they arrive in the daylight, whereas in the other it’s still dark.

I haven’t the Koch yet.

But this means that the day for night filters don’t make the final result in the camera. These scenes get their final touch in post procuction. Ane there are obviously different prints around. I had these phenomena already noticed in other films.
The German Requiem for a Gringo version has transferred several night scenes into bright daylight.

(scherpschutter) #133



The first is Koch media, the second TV recording
The Koch disc has a different colour scheme (more red), which probably causes the effect of being ‘too bright’ for a night scene. Actually they both seem to bright, but the colour scheme of the TV recording seems more fitted for day-for-night

(Stanton) #134

Hmm, I compared my versions. Not as different as I remembered them, but different enough. The glittering parts of the sunlight don’t glitter on the Jap., all seems to be more grey.

In the cemetery scene it is very obvious. Daylight on the Japanese DVD and dawn on the TV version. The TV changes to daylight just when only Duncan is alive. But the colors are also very different.

In Requiem para el Gringo it’s much more extreme.

(Sundance) #135

Here’s some screenshots comparing the Japanese disc with Koch’s.

Would have added images from the US disc but can’t find it. :stuck_out_tongue: I think it is very similar to the Koch disc though. (Maybe they all, MGM, whoever released the French disc, British and Koch used the same master… ). The audio has been fixed for the Koch version, meaning the music starts at the same time as it does in the Japanese disc for the opening credits.

(Stanton) #136

Thanks, these screenshots are showing the differences I was talking about.

(Novecento) #137

I’m curious to know in more detail how this differs from the US release. I only have a copy of the US one myself.

(Spaghetti Monkey) #138

But I hope this widescreen print has the correct audio. What I mean by that is on the Fullscreen VHS copy, (In the opening scene) The Indian-howling heard at the beginning of Morricone’s title track is extended by about 5 seconds. Perfectly matching the opening guitar-lick to the main title of the movie.

But on the widescreen print that I saw on Turner Classic Movies, the music is not extended and it doesn’t synch up with the kick of the main title. I sure hope this error was corrected for this disc.

This is an old post which explains the problem with the R1 disc. Never having seen the correct extended scene myself, i don’t know how much difference it makes.

(Spaghetti Monkey) #139

I just remembered, i do have an old vhs rip of NAVAJO JOE somewhere hereabouts. If i can find it, i’ll check for myself.

(ENNIOO) #140

Just viewed this one again and forgot how good the film was with Mr. Reynolds on action man mode wiping out the bad guys, and there is a few of them. Love the screaming on the soundtrack.

I viewed the Koch disc which is fine. However, I find the Koch and the U.S disc to dark a print at times when compared to the Japanese disc (which still looks a decent print to me even though Non - Anamorphic).