Navajo Joe (Sergio Corbucci, 1966)

(cigar joe) #21

Heck I like a lot of SW’s NJ for me is just not one of them.

(Sebastian) #22

i havent seen it (yet) and from the trailer the only thing i dont like is burt reynolds, he just doesnt look like a navajo :slight_smile:

(cigar joe) #23

Lol, he has some sort of wierd low cut vest on like he escaped from a leather mariachi band

(Il Cattivo 49) #24

Navajo joe is one of the best SW. and the music is fantastic. I have an old video, but i’m still waiting for a dvd release.

(Sebastian) #25

I watched it recently. Unfortunately it was cut quite harsh, especially in some violent scenes. But i still enjoyed it. But I think Corbucci did a far better job in his revolution type films than here. I think the story is a bit too flat, and so are the characters.

(Il Cattivo 49) #26

true. Corbuccis best film are IL GRANDE SILENZIO and VAMOS A MATAR COMPANEROS, but Navajo Joe is one of this little SWs i like.
unfortunately i haven’t seen MERCENARIO.

(Sebastian) #27

oh boy… it’s … I would say even better than Companeros.
I love Il Mercenario, foremost because of the music, which makes my skin-hairs stand up

(Il Cattivo 49) #28

i have the soundtrack and I love too. But see I’m 16 years old. I only know ca 30 SWs. cause I’m born in a generation without SWs.
Can you give me a link to a japanese dvd shop. I want to buy MERCENARIO.
i know where to get the italian dvd, but’s italian only. I speak italian but it’s difficult to understand in the pictures.

(Sebastian) #29

I think it’s already out of print even in Japan, I am not sure. you can get it at Exploitedcinema for about 50 dollars

(Yocke) #30

Yep, the japanese dvd is OOP. At least that’s what cdjapan says:

(Sundance) #31

Mercenary disc has been OOP for months already and unfortunately hasn’t even been on sale in ebay (well actually it was once but the seller didn’t accept my payment options :’( ). And now it seems the other two discs, Navajo Joe and The Hills Run Red, from the same release (as they were also released in a box Legend of the Gunmen which had only 2000 copies made) have gone OOP as well…

I’m really pissed off about the Mercenary disc and my stupidity because when all three discs were available from xploitedcinema early this year, I decided to buy the other two first and not Mercenary… and of course very shortly after the Mercenary went OOP and the other two discs lasted this long. >:(

Anyways, it seems Navajo Joe isn’t on sale in xploitedcinema anymore (I guess they sold all they had). Hills Run Red seems to be still in stock but probably not for long and like I said, it seems to have finally gone OOP as well (according to cdjapan).

(Il Cattivo 49) #32

but you can buy a video from navajo joe at and i even found mercenario there. it’s called A professional gun.

(Cian) #33

The Mercenary aka A Proffessional Gun disc is cut and terrible quality. The only decent copy I know of out there is the Japanese DVD, but be prepared to pay Japanese prices for it!

(Richard Gecko) #34

second half of a film was a little better, but i liked it all
good spaghetti with very good music

(Lode) #35

I wrote in a another thread: I found it not bad, but the role of Navajo Joe woulf have worked better with another guy than Burt Reynolds…

(Richard Gecko) #36

i didn’t like him at the beginning, he didn’t look too good for me in that role, but few minutes later i was thinking something like "well he’s not so bad"
and another few minutes later i even liked him

(Silvanito) #37

Navajo Joe is one of my favourite spaghettis, if there’s any historical inaccuracies in it, I can live with that :slight_smile:
Besides, that’s not really the point when it comes to spaghettis, they are first and foremost existensialist western-operas, in some ways realistic but mostly very stylized.

(CJ_076) #38

“Navajo Joe” needs a proper DVD release than the straight-from-the-VHS one I’m stuck with.

(Sebastian) #39

yeah. so does il mercenario. those are two i am so much looking forward to

(Lode) #40

There are many westerns that need DVD releases. We talked about about it somewhere else: Massacre Time. And we need re-releases of the OOP ones.