Navajo Joe on 7" vinyl wanted

(Jacobs André) #1

Hello Amigos, As you guys, I like westerns and spagetti westerns. But most of all I am a music lover since I am 11 years old. So the past 46 years I am collecting , searching and hunting the things I like to see and to hear. Soundtracks came along the way after I first saw " Once Upon a time in the west" . So there’s a lot on cd’s and lp’s on the shelf. But the last 2 years I’m looking for 7 inch singles from spagettiwesterns (and us/euro westerns) to fill my jukebox. I do have already 240 singles for that and I am proud… But but but, the best and most important (to me) , I could not find on 7 inch and that’s Navajo joe. Maybe also a bit misleading when it came out. On the front side of the cover it was mentioned " Navajo Joe , colonna sonora originale , con la voce di Gianna Spagnolo". And on the backside the same information and some extra information about the movie itself. Nowhere you can read "Ennio Morricone or Leo Nichols on the sleeve. So If someone has a copy for me to put on the jukebox, I would be very thankfull. Of course I would pay for it. Thanks for looking and maybe you know someone who would sell it. Thx André

(Nick) #2

Hey, here’s the vinyl with 13 tracks, I know you want the single version, but I think this is as close as you’re going to get. Sorry I can’t help any further.

(Jacobs André) #3

Thanks Nick,

On LP, I already had the main tracks and I also have an expanded version on CD. Thank you for looking, I really appreciate it.

(Søren) #4

Guess it’s this one you’re looking after:

Sadly it’s only the cover. No vinyl.

(Jacobs André) #5

Yes, that’s the one, I found this one also on ebay, my heart was beaten very fast, as the price was also very low, … and then… dreams were broken, it was only “solo copertina”…

Anyway, thanks for looking.