Navajo joe coming from koch

Btw scherp, let me know if you could - on short notice - check a few things on the french navajo joe dvd should i get another call from koch media. there seem to be - rather well known - audio issues that they’re not 100% sure where to stick to in terms of how it’s meant to be or something

Unfortunately the disc is in Liège (Lüttich) right now, but if you let me know what the problem is exactly, I’ll do some research. There have been some discussions on the French board about the (French) audio track; some parts of Morricone’s score aren’t in the correct place, so it seems.

same with the US disc apparently

Maybe someone has the SPO disc.

I still have a recording from German televison, I don’t know if Koch used the same master that was used for the TV showing (which was cut in some parts)

There’s also a stream (with the English audio) available on a Japanese (I guess) site, but I can’t find it right now.

they have the japanese one but apparently they dont have the US disc to compare it to, or th efrench

This is the link:

It didn’t work properly a few minutes ago (and I can’t read the instructions), but I have watched large parts of the picture once

I can also send you the TV recording if you wish, I don’t need it anymore

A member of a French site just informed me that the French disc seems to be (as far as Morricone’s score is concerned) identical to the US disc. There apparently are some differences with the Japanese disc, which is by most people considered to have the correct audio track. He didn’t know (and I don’t know either) how they got to that conclusion. He had never heard the Italian audio track (neither have I)

An interesting difference between the SPO and the German TV version of Navajo Joe is that the night scenes look all rather different thanks to a deviating use of filters. I always thought these day for night filters were already used for the camera negative, so I was surprised.

The mood in the ending scenes when they arrive at the graveyard changes due to these differences (if I remember correctly). The SPO is the superior version, so I hope they will use a master following this version.

Btw, if my fan dub version is sourced from the SPO (I assume it is), than it has already an english audio (next to the added german audio). Does this mean there are 2 different english audio tracks?

I did notice that some scenes are a little to dark in the region one disc compared to the Japanese disc.


One difference between the SPO release and the old vhs from Warner Home Video:

The indian girl in the beginning who washes clothes and gets shot by Duncan, in the SPO there is a scream from her, in the vhs she just runs away

The truth is probably that there exists slightly different versions of the same film, like many times before, and nobody quite knows what the ‘original’ or ‘proper’ version should be :-\

the italians should know. can’t someone track down the editor if he/she’s still alive or something?

received the DVD today. The extras are really a nice thing to have… I will forward the DVD to Marc tomorrow and he’ll review it so we have a German review up before the DVD comes out officially.

editors owing the french and US discs please get in line to be next, we need sound/video comparisons!

have the DVD back from marc, i hope i can watch it tonight or tomorrow and have a review up (in german however)

Was the DVD good?

YES ! I remember we discussed elsewhere about the picture quality. :wink:

sorry I usually only post german-language reviews of german discs. don’t have the time to translate them :frowning:

That’s ok, it’s a German site after all :).

if you already have the previous MGM release, not worth buying IMO unless you speak German or Italian (for the extras)