Name your Top 10 SW DVD/Blu Ray releases

What are your top 10 favorite and best quality Spaghetti Western home video releases?

I apologize, don’t have many, but my top three are (ah, no particular order):
Sergio Leone anthology - First set of spags I got (save a couple bargain sets), and just love the special editions with all the interviews and full remasters. Once I get it back from a friend, I’m gonna pop them in.
Django Kill from BU - Love all the easter eggs on the dvd’s ;D So fun to find them
The Best of SW box set from Timeless Media - Soooooo maaaaany good quality movies! And for only 15 bucks! (where I got it)

I do have more, but just some average BU releases and a couple bargain sets. Getting some more BU discs round next week.

I love Blue Underground releases, they’re usually superb (the covers are immensely delightful).

My top 15

Man with No Name Trilogy Blu Ray (MGM) Also like the GBU 2 DVD set that came with the miniature posters
Once Upon a Time in the West Blu Ray (Paramount)
Django Blu Ray (Blue Underground)
Big Gundown Blu Ray (explosive media)
Death Rides a Horse DVD (Wildeast) The definitive release of this film with JPL interview
Day of Anger DVD (Wildeast) The holy grail of SW DVDs
Stranger Returns DVD (Colosseo/NSM) I don’t even own this yet but it looks awesome
Hallelujah DVD Box (Koch)
Django Box (Koch) The only downside of these Koch boxes is the third film has nothing to do with it.
Strangers Gundown/Today We Kill Tomorrow We Die DVD (VCI) Two of my favorites on one DVD
Best of Spaghetti Westerns DVD Box (Timeless Media) The greatest SW budget box of all time
Brute and the Beast DVD (Wildeast) Definitive release of this film
Sartana DVD (Wildeast) Another holy grail
Sartana is Here trade your Pistols for a Coffin DVD (Wildeast) Definitive release
Killer Caliber 32/Killer Adios DVD (Wildeast) No extras but I waited 3 years to get this!

Honorable mention: Long Ride From Hell (Code Red)

Of course when Wildeast releases the Sartana box…

Nice topic :smiley:

Here’s my Top 10

  1. Once Upon A Time In The West- Paramount BR
  2. A Bullet For The General- Blue Underground BR
  3. Death Rides A Horse- Wild East DVD
  4. For A Few Dollars More- MGM BR
  5. Django- Blue Underground BR
  6. The Brute & The Beast- Wild East DVD
  7. Tequila Joe/Hole Between The Eyes- Wild East DVD
  8. Grand Duel/Keoma- Mill Creek BR
  9. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly- MGM BR
  10. Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot- Blue Underground DVD

I think it says a lot about the scarcity of good Spaghetti Western releases that we’ve got to lisitng Mill Creek!

Top 10 will work on it. The Stranger Returns dvd from Germany which I recently viewed is very nice.

That’s for sure! ;D

Any love for Arrow’s Django Prepare a Coffin? I’m considering getting that.

Hard to choose as I like pretty much all Blue Underground, Wild East, Koch and MGM releases (apart from the fact that they’ve only released the new cut of TGTBATU in special edition)

  1. Duck You Sucker (2-disc MGM)
  2. A Bullet For The General (Blue Underground BluRay)
  3. Once Upon A Time In The West (Paramount BluRay)
  4. For A Few Dollars More (MGM BluRay)
  5. My Name is Nobody/Nobody is the Greatest (4-disc German Paramount)
  6. The Mercenary (Koch)
  7. Tepepa (Koch)
  8. Dead Men Don’t Count/Kill and Pray (Wild East)
  9. Four of the Apocalypse (Blue Underground)
  10. God Forgives… I Don’t (Dutch Film Works)

Any love for Arrow’s Django Prepare a Coffin? I’m considering getting that.

It’s a bare bones release (only a trailer as extras) but good quality and it has both English and Italian dubs which is nice. There are two versions of it but only one is available to buy on line. This is the full edition including an 8 page booklet written by Howard Hughes. I would definitely recommend it if you are a fan of the film but the ‘vanilla’ release which was sold in supermarkets here is just as good except with a crap cover and no booklet. I reviewed the release for the site so you can read it here:,_Prepare_a_Coffin_DVD_Review

  1. Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) – Paramount blu-ray, USA.
  2. The Big Gundown (1966) – Explosive Media blu-ray, Germany.
  3. Cemetery Without Crosses (1969) – Japanese DVD.
  4. Tepepa (1969) – Koch Media blu-ray, Germany.
  5. Face to Face (1967) – Eureka DVD, U.K.
  6. Death Rides a Horse (1967) – Wild East DVD, USA.
  7. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) – included solely for Lee Van Cleef’s stunning performance in his first and second scenes. WB’s extended blu-ray is okay, but the 161-minute theatrical version is preferred and a hi-def transfer of that is needed.

I can’t seem to pick another three. I enjoy and appreciate many spaghetti westerns, but I can’t think of another one that equals the great American westerns like the above do. The Return of Ringo, For a Few Dollars More, Day of Anger, The Forgotten Pistolero, A Bullet For the General, The Great Silence, Red Sun are all excellent films but they fall just short of greatness.

Yeah the GBU blu ray could be better. There’s no blu ray exclusive extras either. I think For a Few Dollars More looks the best on Blu Ray out of the three.

Agreed, Col. I really wish they would remaster the GBU on Blu Ray, like Paramount did with Once Upon A Time. I think I read somewhere (probably here) that the Italian Blu Ray of GBU is way better than the MGM one. Is this true?

The Italian blu of A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS is superior because of its color timing and density levels. A comparison exposes the brown tinting in the Warner Brother’s American blu. You really see the difference in the fleshtones. It’s a pricey import, however, and I don’t enjoy the film well enough to spend the money. The Geman blu of GBU is said to be a marginal improvement over the Warner Brothers edition but not as right as the Italian blu of A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS.

I updated my post above, Reply #11, to include the TEPEPA blu-ray.

	Cimitero Senza Croci NTSC R2 DVD Japan	4 510242 166144	Imagica/SPO Entertainment IMBS-1220		
	I Giorni Dell’Ira NTSC R2 DVD Japan	T4988131907497	Cinefil/Imagica/SPO Entertainment OPSD-S749
	The Great Silence PAL R2 DVD UK	5 037899 013823	Digital Classics 1029D
	Per Qualche Dollar In Meno PAL R2 DVD Italy	8 010020 044009	Medusa NO2SF04400		
	The Mercenary NTSC R2 DVD Japan	T4988104021960	Stingray TDV2743D
	Per Un Pugno di Dollari ABC Blu-ray Italy	8 032134 048292	RHV Blu-ray 04829
	Ci Risiamo, vero Provvidenza? PAL R2 DVD Italy	8 032807 003788	IIF Home Video/01 Distribution 00378			
	Italowestern-Enzyklopadie No1 PAL R2 4 DVD Boxset Germany	4 020628 925482	Koch Media DVM001232D
	Colt Collection PAL R2 8 DVD Boxset Italy	8 032442 204274	CDE 20427
	Westerns Unchained ABC Blu-ray Compilation USA	6 87797 93336 2	Golden Star GS-93336

I’ve recently started buying some spaghetti westerns on blu ray and I’m fairly new to the whole hi-def thing. So far I have the region A mgm dollars trilogy, once upon a time in the west, and the grand duel / keoma ones. I plan to get the Big Gundown set at some point. I’m just looking for opinions from fellow spaghetti western fans on here who are already big into the whole blu ray thing as to what the best ones to get besides the ones I’ve mentioned. At the moment I’m limited to region A releases. I guess the first one that comes to mind is the BU Django blu ray…is that one worth getting? (I already have the BU DVD) your help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Also, has anyone seen the blu ray of My Name is Nobody? I was going to start my own thread but there seemed to already be related discussion here so I’m posting this here…

The BU Django BR is definitely worth getting. You can view screenshot comparisons between the DVD/BR here:
(select screenshot to compare, then mouse-over the image to change between DVD/BR)

That site is really helpful for selecting releases to compare, if they have them in the database.

I don’t think there really are many region A releases for spaghettis yet, aside from the BU titles (Django, Django Kill, Bullet For The General, and Companeros coming up soon) and the cheapie ones. The only cheap ones worth getting are Grand Duel/Keoma and Last Gun/4 Dollars of Revenge. The other cheap BR releases with multiple films are not suppose to be good.

Not sure about My Name is Nobody, but haven’t heard good things about the Image North America blu-ray (per discussion on this forum)

Hannie Caulder is available on region A, although not a spagghie

Thanks, autephex! Django will definitely be #1 on my to-get list…I’m not a huge fan of A Bullet for the General although I do have the BU DVD of it…if they do Companeros though I’ll get that too because it’s one of my favourites.

Ghost, you already some good ones. The Big Gundown is an excellent release but some people are mad about not having English audio on the uncut version.

The My Name is Nobody blu is a definite upgrade over the previous image DVD release but not as good as the R2 release.

The Django blu is a huge upgrade over the DVD, which is almost unwatchable. Very grainy though.

I’m curious as to the Keoma/Grand Duel release, which I don’t have yet. I know the Grand Duel is an upgrade over the Wildeast, but how much of an upgrade over the Blue underground DVD?

Also how much is Keoma an improvement over the Blue underground dvd?

Also how much of an upgrade is Hanging for Django over the No room to die SPO dvd?