Name your Gemma Top 10

I’m sure this thread was already done before, but since the untimely passing of this icon lets pay tribute by naming our favorite films of this legend. This can include non SWs as well. Feel free to share your anecdotes and fond memories.

I love:
Day of Anger
Pistol for Ringo
Return of Ringo

I like:
One Silver Dollar
Alive or Preferably Dead
Silver Saddle
Man from Nowhere/Arizona Colt
Price of Power

Here is the profile I wrote for him on the SWDB Hall of Fame page:
Giuliano Gemma aka Montgomery Wood

September 22, 1938 (Rome, Italy)- October 1, 2013 (Civitavecchia)
“Il Pistolero Nazionale” started out as a stuntman in Peplum movies, but eventually became Italy’s most beloved star during the golden age of Spaghetti Westerns. Billed as Montgomery Wood in his early westerns, his lead roles in Duccio Tessari’s A Pistol for Ringo (1964) and Return of Ringo (1965) were box office smashes during the genre’s early years. Although he occasionally played the laconic, gritty tough guy typical of the genre, he more often played grinning, boyish, smart-mouthed heroes. The athletic “Angel Face” had exceptional gun twirling skills and always performed his own stunts and action sequences. In all, Gemma starred in 17 westerns over a 20 year period, almost all of which were box office bonanzas in Italy, including One Silver Dollar (1966), The White, the Yellow and the Black (1975) and The Price of Power’ (1969). Even genre heavyweights Franco Nero and Lee Van Cleef were hard pressed to match the commercial success of Gemma’s westerns in his homeland. Perhaps his most notable role in a western was playing Van Cleef’s Protégé in Day of Anger (1967). Outside of the Italian western genre, his most notable role was in Dario Argento’s giallo Tenebre (1982) and Even Angels Eat Beans (1973), Angelique (1964), The Leopard (1963) and Mad Love (2001). Still active in Television at the time of his death, he was also an accomplished sculptor.
Year of Induction: 2010

And let us not forget his memorable Western character in Circuito chiuso.

i am so sad, have many sw stars on fb, and hade gemma and his daughter there as well…

i havent seen all his movies, but those i have seen here are 10 great movies


Evan angels eats bean

Return of Ringo

Ben and charlie

Alive or proberbly dead


A pistol for ringo


Archer of fire

long days of vengeance :’(

1 Apistol for ringo
2 The return of ringo
3 Day of anger
4 California
5 Arizona Colt
6 Silver Saddle
7 One silver dollar
8 Fort Yuma gold
9 Il gattopardo
10 Il deserto dei tartari

Of course all the others are highly enjoyable but these are my favourites.

Not exactly what was asked for there but I thought I’d give a quick run through my thoughts on the Gemma spaghetti westerns I have seen.

A Pistol For Ringo - For me a classic of the genre, one of my top ten and I think one of the spaghettis that is of a quality equal to the Leones and that can be enjoyed beyond the genre audience. A great cast in stylish mix that is often both lighthearted and violent.

The Return of Ringo - Another undoubted classic in my opinion. Not much like the first film at all but fascinating and as spaghetti westerns go, pretty deep! The only flaw I can find in this film is that it gets a little two lighthearted at the end which jarrs with the rest. The same great cast as the first film but used very differently.

One Silver Dollar - Solid and enjoyable western, above average though it is somewhat traditional. I have not seen it in many years though.

Fort Yuma Gold - Very slow to start and the first half of the film doesn’t relate very well to the second half but that second half is great! Some clever and fun scenes like the mysterious “accidents” at the bad guys hideout. I think Dan Vadis makes a great monster in this!

Arizona Colt - A Ringo film of sorts and a very good one. Classic Gemma.

Day of Anger - Very solid film teaming Gemma with another legend Lee Van Cleef. Some nice stylish flourishes.

The Price of Power - Fascinating on paper and the film sort of has everything but it does not 100% engage me I think I need to rewatch it. The director Valerii certainly pulls of some dynamic action and camerawork.

Ben & Charlie - A decent film but I don’t think it makes the most of some of its ideas. Again I have not seen it in a while and must give it another look.

California - I’m not sure that it is a great twilight western. I need to re-watch it. It certainly has some good scenes and echoes Arizona Colt with “Michael Random”.

Silver Saddle - With Fulci directing this is a strange mix of dynamic scenes of violence and cutesy kids stuff. I wish they could have made this as a more serious film.

I think these are all the Gemma westerns I have seen and reflecting on them I don’t think there is really a bad film in the bunch. Not a lot of spaghetti actors can say they made some many good movies!

Thank you! Finally some people reply to this fucking thread…

  1. Wanted! - most becuse i love the Movie theme and song
  2. Arizona Colt
  3. Robin Hood
  4. Samurai
  5. Ben & Charlie
  6. Evan angels eats beans
    07.The deadliest gunfighter
  7. Alive or proberly dead
  8. Silver saddle
  9. California

Arizona Colt
Return of Ringo
Long Days of Vengeance
Silver Saddle
Pistol for Ringo
Ben & Charlie
Fort Yuma Gold
Day of Anger


2.Return of Ringo
3.The Price of Power
4 A Pistol for Ring
5.Arizona Colt
6. Day of Anger
7. Ben and Charlie
8. Fort Yuma Gold
9. Adios Gringo
10. Silver Saddle

Watched Alive or Preferably Dead yesterday, didn’t care for it but anything with Gemma is worth trying in my humble. I’ve now seen all his westerns except for The White, The Yellow… (and Tex if that counts) and it got me ranking the rest.

  1. The Price of Power
  2. Day of Anger
  3. The Return of Ringo
  4. California
  5. Long Days of Vengeance (So underrated this one)
  6. A Pistol for Ringo
  7. One Silver Dollar
  8. Arizona Colt
  9. Fort Yuma Gold
  10. Ben and Charlie (actually liked this one, apart from the daft shot where Ben catches the bullet in his glass it was a fun buddy movie).

forgot about this thread, and have to update.

2 Silver Saddle
3. Long days of Vengeance
4. One Silver Dollar
5. Wanted
6. Return of Ringo
7. Arizona Colt
8. Days of Anger
9. A Pistol for Ringo
10. The Price of Power

I loved Tenebre as well, one of Argento’s best!

Arizona Colt
The price of power
Long days of vengeance
Ben & Charlie
Return of ringo
A pistol for ringo
Fort yuma gold

Here is my 2 cents worth:

  1. Day of anger
  2. The return of ringo
  3. A pistol for ringo
  4. California
  5. Man from nowhere (Arizona Colt)
  6. One silver dollar
  7. Long days of vengeance
  8. Ben and Charlie
  9. The price of power
  10. A sky full of stars for a roof
  1. California
  2. Silver Saddle
  3. Long Days of Vengeance
  4. One silver dollar
  5. Wanted
  6. Arizona Colt
  7. The Return of Ringo
  8. A Pistol for Ringo
  9. Day of Anger
  10. Fort Yuma Gold
  1. Return of Ringo
  2. California
  3. A Pistol For Ringo
  4. Arizona Colt
  5. The Price of Power
  6. One Silver Dollar
  7. A Sky Full of Stars For a Roof
  8. Long Days of Vengeance
  9. Day of Anger
  10. Wanted