My name is Pecos

(wuzumao) #1

I would really like to have this movie on CD,DVD, in English. Can anybody help me? Where can I get it?

(Bill san Antonio) #2

It’s been released on dvd in Brazil (and the sequel “Pecos Cleans up” too) but I don’t know about the quality. It may be quite hard to find though, e-bay is probably the best place to search.

(jonah) #3

if you have not managed to get a copy let me know as i do jonah

(Raph_Alv) #4

I have them both, fullscreen pal, you wouldn´t like… :wink:

(alk0) #5

Does anybody know if brazilian dvds of both pecos movies appear on ebay sometimes? I’ve never seen one being sold there, but i want to be sure

(jonah) #6

if you want a copy let me know


I have never seen them on E Bay.

(alk0) #8

Can you get a copy of “Pecos cleans up” as well?

Thanks, i just wanted to be sure :slight_smile: