Mutiny at Fort Sharp / Per un dollaro di gloria (Fernando Cerchio, 1966)

At the same time, I think. It was released shortly after Fistful (12.11.64).

But it couldn’t have been influenced by the success of FoD.

Traditional style western which I quite enjoyed. Crawford looked terrible though. Very overweight, probably drunk and almost shuffling rather than walking. The other lead actor, Mario Valdemarin, reminded me a lot of Tony Kendall to look at and was quite good I thought.

You are right, but never thought of it before. First time I viewed this one was in the late 80’s on night time on ITV. No ITV 2, 3 etc in these days of course :wink: .

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Cheers Phil :slight_smile: .

I enjoyed this one a lot but I was hoping for a battle at the end. :grin:

I finally attacked the fort with my tribe:

I just read in Casadio’s study on the genre that he also speaks of Wichita, not Navajo, so I might have misinterpreted a dialogue. I’ll check asap

I am a big Broderick Crawford fan, from Willie Stark to Johnny Damico to Dan Matthews. Always enjoyed watching episodes of “Highway Patrol” and guessing when he’s burning a low blue flame.

I’d really like to see this one. As far as being not very SWish, as a fan of 1950s American westerns that’s okay with me. Prefer that to the crummy SWs of the late period (70s).

Just re viewed this one again via a nice 2.35 print. Still an interesting watch this one for me. Full of characters who believe what they are doing is right and when these characters clash its great stuff !

All the film needed was a final battle in my opinion.