Mud in Spaghetti Westerns

It may sound silly, but mud is one of the things I love in spaghettis. Django’s muddy streets added to the overall fil IMO. And the only reason I watched Dirty Outlaws was because of the mud. What are some other Spaghs that use mud.

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Well…California and FastHand Is Still My Name are pretty muddy i guess!

A nice muddy fight in Keoma…

Hopefully without the singing…

No singing in this bit :D.

I only know the Mud fight in McLintock! but it’s not a Spaghetti-Western. :smiley:

Django and Keoma looks muddy. If there were no Snow in Great Silence I think there would be Mud instead. :slight_smile:

Mannaja is very muddy as well

The Big Gundown… poor Milian gets into… well… worse than mud. ;D

And even worse, is that Milian says that really was pigshit! YUK! I have a phobia for that stuff.

There’s a supermuddy showdown in Fidanis “Passa Sartana… è l’ombra della tua morte” (Sartana and his Shadow of Death).
This showdown is highly interesting because it adds a new nuance to the usual gravel-pit scenarios: Water!
It’s so easy! Just add a little water and you got a breakthrough in SW-gravel-pit-technology:
A muddy gravel-pit