Movies we are waiting for

(MunchhausenPL) #1

Are u waiting for any new movies? Yes!? Well, this topic is for u!

I’m a big fan of Burton’s first two Batmans, so obviously I’m waiting for “Dark Knight”. Posters and trailers look fantastic. Ledger is a perfect choice for Joker.

A story about an ageing pistolero and his much younger partner penned over 40 years ago by a struggling writer called Gabriel García Márquez could soon make it on to the big screen. Mexican actor and producer Rodolfo de Anda says he has just acquired the rights to the long-forgotten screenplay and plans to start filming next year. Titled Frontera, the film was written before the 1967 novel One Hundred Years of Solitude turned García Márquez into an international literary star known to most of the continent simply as Gabo.

“Nobody knew it existed, and the most surprising thing is that it is a Western. I don’t think anybody knew he had written anything like that,” De Anda told Mexican newspaper Reforma.
De Anda says he first heard of Frontera as a young actor about 40 years ago when he was offered the part of the younger hitman. He assumed the screenplay had been written by Alcoriza, one of the giants of Mexico’s cinematic golden age.

“When I finally bought the rights, about a month ago, I discovered the surprise that the story was not in fact by Alcoriza, but by Gabriel García Márquez,” De Anda said. He now plans to play the older partner, and is considering pursuing Mexican stars Gael García Bernal or Diego Luna for the role of the upstart.

Marquez and western? It might be interesting. I hope it won’t be another gay western like “Brokeback Mountain”

(Toscano) #2

Batman: The Dark Knight
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man
Indy Jones - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Hellboy 2
Chronicles of Narnia 2: Prince caspian

(Reverend Danite) #3

I’m waiting for Brokeback Mountain II - Lesbian Fur-Trappers ;D

(Toscano) #4

A complete version of ‘For A Few Dollars More’ - every bit of dialogue and scenes scene intact, especially the Indio’s gang beats up Monco and Col. Mortimer scene…

(valenciano) #5

That would have been possible in the 70´s probably

(Lode) #6

Hell Ride, Hell Ride, Hell Ride!

And - for sure - Inglorious Bastards.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #7

Waiting for Arnold the governator to quit politics and make another Conan the barbarian movie.

(Romaine Fielding) #8

[quote=“Lode, post:6, topic:1170”]Hell Ride, Hell Ride, Hell Ride!

And - for sure - Inglorious Bastards.[/quote]

I was just looking at Inglorious Bastards on Amazon. There is a three disc set coming out on July 29th. Lots of extras with Enzo G.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #9

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:3, topic:1170”]I’m waiting for Brokeback Mountain II - Lesbian Fur-Trappers ;D[/quote]ha ha!

I still say the original should have been called Fudgepack Moutain.

i refuse to watch it but i hear the ending is supposed to be quite pleasing.

(Bill san Antonio) #10

The Goat and the lesbians movie!

(alk0) #11

Argento’s “Giallo” hoping that it will be much better than “The third mother”.

(Lode) #12

No no. I mean the Tarantino “Inglorious Bastards”. I own the German Koch release of the Castellari one of course :wink:

(scherpschutter) #13

If you get the lesbians, I’ll find a goat

(MunchhausenPL) #14

I hope J. J. Abrams gonna direct the movies based on “Dark Tower” saga by Stephen King. It could be very interesting.

(AceHigh) #15

‘Blood Meridian’ and ‘The Road.’ Both are in production and both are fine books by author Cormac McCarthy. ‘All the Pretty Horses’ and ‘No Country for Old Men’ were also written by McCarthy.

(Stanton) #16

Blood Meridian, oh my god. What kind of picture will they make out of this book?

(AceHigh) #17

I don’t know stanton, but it’s bound to be violent, bloody, gory, cold-blooded; and a western to boot. Just what us spaghetti fans enjoy. I can’t wait. Have you read it? I want to see ‘Toadvine’ on the big screen.

(Stanton) #18

Most of it, yes.
It’s a extremely beautiful written book, but unfortunately I had not the slightest interest in the ongoing story. So it didn’t work for me as entertainment, but from time to time I read again some random pages of it.

As I do with another beautiful (anti)western book: The Collected Works of Billy the Kid. Lefthanded Poems by Michael Ondaatje.
Rewarding, especially if you are firm with the events of the Lincoln County War, otherwise you may have problems with the uncontinuous presented story fragments. But beautiful to read nevertheless.

(korano) #19

I am waiting for the release of Three Musketeers of the West. It looks stupid but the plot sounds interesting. Apparently the music is big band, salsa, and country.

(korano) #20

I also am looking forward to Blood Meridian.