Movies Unlimited's copy of "Days of Anger"

Well, here’s the story -

A relative of mind went ahead and tried to do a nice thing by buying me another title to add to my SW collection. So, knowing how good “Day of Anger” is, they went ahead and found it and purchased it from Movies Unlimited thinking it was a Wild East copy (The site has some Wild East dvds for sale, so this is why). Well, after about three weeks on backorder the package arrived and this is what arrived:



So, as you can see from the pics above this copy is made by a company named “Wild Wild Wild Video”, not “Wild East”. At this moment I have not opened the DVD, as I don’t know how good its quality is. My relative stated how this dvd cost them $35.99, which has me feeling bad about this purchase. So, my question to you guys is has anyone heard of this company? If you have, then how good is their “Day of Anger”? Right now I am contemplating sending this dvd back to Movies Unlimited.


Yeah, you did a smart thing by not unsealing it. Send it back. I"m pretty sure there are several on this forum willing to sell you a burnt dvdr of Wildeast’s day of anger.

Yeah I’m sending it back. Pisses me off how this company doesn’t list an accurate description for this title on their site. Upon looking around this board I noticed someone was contemplating buying this title from Movies Unlimited, thinking it would be a Wild East release. Oh well, at least I proved that MOVIES UNLIMITED doesn’t carry the WILD EAST “Day of Anger” title.

I guess as of now I am currently seeking a Wild East Day of Anger dvd for my collection once more.

So, if you have one get at me!

Someone else is going to release Day of Anger one of these days. It is just a matter of time.