Movies that would make great Spaghetti Western

It all began, when Sergio Leone made the first real spaghetti Western out of Kurosawa’s Yojimbo…

Yesterday I watched A History of Violence and I thought:

“Gee, that would be an awsome spaghetti western”.

A man with a dark secret gets haunted by the ghosts of his past, and - even more important - a couple of great gunfights!

Now, what do you think? Which movies would make great SWs?

How about this one.

A drifter arrives in a hot and sleepy small town. Spotting the bank as an easy target he robs it and hides the money until it is safe to clear out without suspicion. Things get complicated when the local town boss’ floozy wife takes an interest in him at the same time as he becomes enamoured with a beautiful and innocent girl from the town. Double crosses, violence and blackmail ensue before a downbeat ending where the drifter rides off with the money and the bad girl, leaving the young innocent behind.

This is actually Dennis Hopper’s The Hot Spot but I could definitely see it as a steamy spaghetti. Anthony Ghidra could play the lead while the floozy wife could have been written with Nieves Navarro in mind. The beautiful innocent would have to be Nicoletta Macchiaveli, while the town boss, greedy but somewhat stupid, could be Roberto Camardiel.

Sounds good to me !, and like you Phil I like The Hot Spot.

First and foremost, this would be a really sexy SW! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

How about Kitano’s “Brother”?

THere’s a Mexican Gangman (Tomas Milian) coming to Texas, because down there he had some trouble. He meets his younger brother (Luca Montefiori) who’s in some small trickster business. Tomas shows his brother where the real money is. But the local gangs are not so happy with the new competitors, so it’s war time…
Montefiori’s young fellow gangster who becomes Milian’s best friend could be Alberto Dell’Acqua.

Well, you know, my personal fave… Les Misérables.

A poor farmer (maybe Franco Nero or Charles Bronson) is thrown in Yuma jail for stealing bread. He tries to escape a lot of times, which only makes things worse. When he is finally free, he moves to some northern town (like the one in TGS), where he becomes mayor. But the new sheriff of the town (William Berger, always dressed in black) suspects him all the time. Hero saves an old man (well… let it be José Calvo) below a runaway cart. Not much later some bad guys insult a whore in front of the saloon and shooting happens. The sheriff arrives, kicks them in the butt and arrests the whore (girl from Four of the Apocalypse). Hero comes and saves the day. The sheriff writes a letter to Yuma and accuses hero being an ex-con. He gets the answer that he’s wrong, said ex-con in already arrested. (It’s some poor Mexican dude, of course.) Hero finds this out, revelas the truth, promises the dying whore he’ll protect her child, has a showdown with the sheriff, and escapes.
He arrives in some small southern town, where we see the local inn - as a nest of bandits. The Innkeeper (Eli Wallach) and his wife (Loredana Nusciak) are the worst kind of rats. They have a gang of cutthroats in their power and the man, as we find out, robbed dead people in the Civil War.
The child of the whore is a servant in the inn, and is threated badly. Hero shoots a lot of bandits and saves her, but the evil Innkeeper escapes, too.
Years later, they live in Mexico, where an uprising is in progress against Maximilian. The girl, who grew up (Elisa Montés) falls in love with a young mexican student (Tony Anthony). The evil Innkeeper shows up again, and tries to rob the hero, but the Sheriff comes, says some badass lines without even drawing his gun and saves the day. Innkeeper in thrown in the local jail. Hero flies again.
The Innkeeper’s daughter (Nicoletta Machiavelli) is also in love with the young student, but being a poor, ragged alley cat, he ignores her.
Meanwhile, the students and the workers plan the uprising. The leader is Andrea Giordana, and there is a drunkard (Tomas Milian) in the gang who adores him.
All these fates meet at the barricade, where a huge showdown happens. The Innkeeper’s girl is shot; the students fight like Wild Bunch; the Sheriff is there as a government spy but is recognised by a street urchin (Antonio Ruiz) and bound to a pillar.
Hero finds out that his daughter loves the boy, and decides to go and join the big shooting. Street urchin dies in the fight, hero shoots a lot of government troops. He asks Pretty Leader if he could kill the Sheriff. Pretty Leader says yes and goes back to kill people.
Hero, being a good guy, releases the Sheriff, who’s like “WTF?”. After this, the barricade falls. Lovesick Student falls wounded, hero grabs him and escapes through sewers. Meanwhile, Pretty Leader and Drunkard are shot by a firing squad, after saying some cool lines. (Too bad - nobody saves them.)
Hero fight himself through sewers (pretty much mud and suffering in Django-style), meets Innkeeper, gets key, we know this parts. They say goodbye and Hero gets out of the sewers where Sheriff is waiting. He asks Sheriff if he wants a duel but he says no. Then he asks him to help carry the boy home. They do so. Boy’s comical old grandfather (Joseph Egger) makes a big scene. They leave. Hero asks a last favor: to say good bye his daughter. The Sheriff agrees and when hero goes in, he leaves. Well, then, here I have a problem. In a western, the Sheriff can’t go and throw himself into the river. That would just not fit. Maybe he shots himself.
After this, everyone’s happy, the lovers are married, and the Hero tells the boy everything and rides alone into the sunset, which is, of course, a metaphor for his death.


Quite an epic SW! Not like the rather simple revenge, buddy or gang plots I suggsted… so you seem to be the Leone type of filmmaker. Respect! :slight_smile:

And your epic movie comes up with a who is who of SW cast! I think, you should include Robert Hundar and Fernando Sancho somewhere :wink:

Well, there are a lot of people in Les Mis whom I haven’t mentioned. For example, the cutthroat gang named Patron-Minette - there we could put a lot of typical SW faces. And I didn’t mention the Bishop. And Mabeuf, the old dude who likes flowers and books, and dies heroically on the barricade.

Fernando could be a general in the Civil War (=Waterloo) flashback.

And the cast of Patron-Minette:

Gueulemer: Mario Brega
Babet: Frank Brana
Claquesous: Klaus Kinski
Montparnasse: Peter Lee Lawrence

Also starring:

Lorenzo Robledo as Soldier Who Falls First

Better thinking, Aldo Giuffré would make a better Grantaire than Tomas Milian. :smiley:

Death wish, phantom of the opera, Rocky (John L. Sullivan version, just kidding LOL)

Taxi Driver.

Kelly’s Heros, set during the Civil War.

gangs of new york

Last man standing :wink: