Movies that impressed us when we first saw when we were kids

This last talk about violent movies or not, and the considerations from our younger forum partner about it, made come out with this idea for a thread.

The films that we saw as a child and that for some reason we never forget. Back in my youth teens in the 80’s Portugal only had two television channels (no private channels no cable and colour only in the start/mid eighties, my parents still have the first colour TV they bought a Blaupunkt/) and both of them public, so without competition at all the film selection used to be very good, with very good choices mainly in the second channel (RTP 2) of more public service.
I also had the luck to sleep in the living room (younger brother) so direct access to TV when everybody was asleep.

This is not meant to be a pool, and the list is in no particular order, in my case for some reason I’ve never forgot this films after seing them as a child, because of a scene an actress whatever, I searched for then later when older and were the first one that I bought or tied to, when I started my VHS and DVD collection, some disappoint me when I saw them later, others are some of my favourite films.

Here it goes

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
I was about 10 years old or something when I first saw it, I confess that must have sleep a little during it but I awake in time not to turn off the TV but to watch the final scene

The Shout (1978)
A menacing Alan Bates, John Hurt, and Susannah York was not strange to my youth fantasies

White Heat (1949)
Top of World, Ma!", if that scene can’t make an impression in a child nothing will do

In the Realm of the Senses (1975)
No need to explain why. A big scandal in Portugal at the time they shown it in TV with the Church and Politician’s all scandalize.

The Aerodrome (1983)
A British TV film directed by Giles Foster, whoever has seen it will understand why it can cause such an impact, I only saw it one time but never forget it.

Marnie (1964)
Still a kid but saw it from the beginning to the end

Profumo di donna (1974)
What a film

Sergeant York (1941)
Will always remember this one

The Dogs of War (1980)
Chris Walken looked also truly menacing in this film, a great actor.

Stalker (1978)
I was no mere than twelve when I saw it, of course even if knowing if I liked or not it stayed in my mind.

La caduta degli dei (1969)
Brrrrrrrr this one caused a real impact at the time.

The Day of the Locust (1975)
John Schlesinger masterpiece gave me some nightmares for quite a long time, one of the most disturbing films I ever saw.

The Eagle Has Landed (1976)
The watermill scene, and JR not being in Dallas, what’s this.

Eye of the Needle (1981)
Another one with D. Shuterland, my luck, when I saw Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the first time I was already a grown teen.

Zardoz (1974)
I don’t know why, but Rampling was on it so.

Point Blank (1967)
What can I say.

Le samouraï (1967)
Another film that can really impress a child

Knife in the Water (1962)
Watch it till the end, well over bedtime.

The question here it’s not if I liked the movies or not when I watch them for the first time, most of the times I was no more than 13/14 years old so didn’t have the sensibility or knowledge to have a taste already, that come later naturally, but for some reason those films were kept in my memory . I remember that when finally saw The Shout again as grown man, I was surprised how the hell did I watch it when I was a kid.
There a few one that I can not remember the titles, but those were the ones that really caused a impression after seeing them when I was a Child

The Shining scared the shit out of me as a child. Kill Bill I thought was too violent as well. Ofcourse I can now watch both movies easily.

Invasion of The Body Snatchers ( Don Siegel) as found chilling.

I grew up by the border, so besides the two portuguese national channels I also got some of the spanish ones. My favorite channel was Canal Sur (Andaluzia channel), cause they shown lot of spaghettis and exploitation action flicks. But TVE1, TVE2 and Antena 3 were good options too. The VHS players would be bought about my 10 year, and it would be used… a lot!

Stuff that impressed me with this age:

Assault on precinct 13
I come in peace
The punisher
Missing in action
American Ninja
Blind fury
Fritz the cat
And a bunch of spags (Adios Sabata, Django, Sartana, Hallelluja, FOD, FFODM, GBU, Day of anger, A reason to live a reason to die…)

Still love some of these, but others are now in my shit list. ::slight_smile:

I was impressed with these adult themed movies as a kid/teen

Early James Bond films
Trilogy of Terror
The Wicker Man
Mississippi Burning
Poseidon Adventure (spoiler was impressed with Gene Hackman turning the steam off… but then he fell)
Robocop (sort of traumatized me, the guy getting killed by the robot in the office)
Demons 2 (didn’t actually see the movie back then, video cover scared me too much)


Hmm, struggling to find my way back through the mists of time, but here are some films that made a firm impression (before I was a teenager):

Pretty much any old Western - boys want to be cowboys, or at least they did back in the day. Can’t remember too many specific titles, though I think The Tall T was one of them.

A Fistful of Dollars - obvious, maybe, but this really altered my perception of movies and ‘heroes’. After seeing it (and the sequels, I suppose) I got into the habit of chewing on an old pencil, in place of a cigarillo, in imitation of Clint, and saw as many of Clint’s movies as I could.

Horror Express/The Creeping Flesh - I remember distinctly having nightmares because of these. The white-eyed corpses in the former and the slowly evolving monster in the latter really gave me the shivers.

The Public Enemy/Warners gangster movies - Cagney and co were among my first idols. I didn’t think too much about the morality of idolising hoodlums, of course. Anyway, they always got their comeuppance, if it mattered (which it didn’t).

Funny thing it’s that I must have seen some scarier movies but can’t remember them, and films like Sargeant York (the Glu Glu scene), or Marnie aren’t terror or scaring films, but there was a scene or maybe tha all story that kept me wandering about the film.
I did see a lot of films from the age of 8 to 14 years old as long as kept the TV volume low ;D , and with only two channels and no remote :o zapping was not an option, (after 14 I concentrate more in my football career but…) my daughter not 3 years old yet still she already dominates the dvd player and TV, the remotes and as a wall full of DVD just for her, I had to live with what TV gave me back in those days.
In any case I do remember having nightmares after seing The day of the Locust, and La caduta degli dei.

I didn’t mentioned TV series but of course Sandokan was a very popular serie in Portugal at the time, anyone in my age still remembers it, but it was a sunday afternoon TV serie. The ones I really didn’t forget and most impress me when I was a kid.
Space 1999 (of course)
Danger USB (fantastic serie)
Blakes 7 (This one really creep me out, and gave me some nightmares)

Just thought of a couple more that creeped me out, in different ways:

Bugs - sci-fi/horror about mutant, pyromaniac cockroaches;

Night of the Lepus - how could a child not be impressed by a movie about killer rabbits?

Viewed recently and all the actors manage to keep such straight faces (especially Stuart Whitman ).

The Invisible Kid - Probably the first time I saw breasts.

My earliest memories of movies that left an incredible impression on me were:

Horror of Dracula - Christopher Lee running around with bloodshot eyes while hissing at people made me poop my pants. My love for Hammer horror was born right there and then. What a great way to be introduced to the horror genre!

Frankenstein - Karloff’s performance as the lumbering giant made out of various body pieces blew my mind as kid. The black and white photography made it even more scary and the gothic scenery enhanced the already scary atmosphere of the picture. A movie which was literally etched into my brain at a young age.

Dawn of the Dead - Tons gory gags by Savini, the living undead ravaging whole cities. A desperate and bleak outlook on the future. Romero just made it all work in this horror classic. Ever since i’ve been a huge Romero fan and zombie geek. I’ll even watch the cheapest amateur dreck as long as there are zombies in it.

I’m sure there are more but these movies certainly made the biggest impression on me. I was about 7 or 8 when i saw these three movies. And no i’m not that old to have seen them theatrically. ;D I’ve watched on them in the early 80’s on my brothers 8mm projector. Ah those were the days…

im 25 currently…and Raising Arizona is one of my earliest memories of watching a film and having that weird feeling afterward that i watched something special…still love the Cohens to this day

I first real adult movie I saw was House (1986)… though I wasn’t impressed with it, I had no idea what was going on.