Movie Name? Older Rich handicapped man W/ evil goons, lives on a train?

I watched part of this movie late one night. Ok, A limping older gentleman (with crutches ? ), who is really rich lives on a train. A really fancy train that is only like 3 cars long, sort of like his rolling headquarters / mansion. His devilish goons try to take out the “good guy”. At some point the hero is on top of the train, and puts his boot over his hand & shoots a bad guy through the toe of his boot as the bad guy looks out the window to see what he thinks is the good guy climbing up the train. Ummmm maybe that is vague. The “Boss” old rich guy is really feeble & stays in the train the whole movie and there’s a real dastardly guy who works for him who is really taking advantage of the feeble old rich guy (I think). I really want to know what movie it was. It has really amazing train scenes, creative gun battles ,and was a visually stunning movie ( I thought). I am sure the star is not any main stream actor or someone I would have recognized.
Maybe this is a lame movie, but I only saw part of it & wanted to see the rest.
Thanks for any help ???
I tried search the databases here, and searching google & have had no luck

Far from being a lame movie, it is in fact one of the best movies ever made (#2 on the top 20 list of spaghetti westerns on this site, #1 on my own personal list):

Ohh, great! That’s it. I figured it would be easy for someone to recognize. I don’t know allot about westerns, but I thought it was a really great one! I forgot all about the fact that it was Charles Bronson & he played a harmonica! If I could have remembered that I would have found it…
Cool, Thanks a Bunch.

Yeah, it is considered one of the best westerns (not only ‘‘spaghetti’’) ever made so it is no shame in liking it! It is not at the top of my favourites list, but it is in there. I hope you stick around and get to watch more spaghetti westerns, and westerns in general, Rynar!