Movie locations you have visited or would love to see in person

Sorry for the long thread title. I am posting this to see what locations people have seen (spaghetti or other) and what is worth seeing and what should be skipped.

The stuff that I have seen in person is the Scene from The Toxic Avenger when Melvin goes running down the street in flames. That is Main Street in Boonton, NJ near the Post Office. I have also been to Camp NoBeBoSco the site of Friday 13th. I also live very close to Blairstown, NJ (about 30 minutes away).

I am planning on going to the Spanish ruins of Belchite for two reasons one it was the site of a brutal battle in the Spanish Civil War where hundreds of Americans died as members of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion and it was featured in the beginning of one of my favorite movies Pan’s Labyrinth.

Never knew that Friday 13th was filmed at an actual camp, but makes sense of course.