Movie Addiction

i am addicted to films and i have been buying a lot lately still awaiting 5 dvd’r’ s to come 3 of which are spaghettis and 2 horror. a danger to health, only if the wife finds out! :o

Hope she does not find out :wink: .

We all have piles of unwatched movies and still purchase more… it’s bad I know.

Would be much easier to hold out on new purchases if it wasn’t hard to get ahold of certain titles once they are out of stock

I know the feeling.

Misery loves company…I try to justify it to the wife but she just doesn’t understand! :smiley:

Yeah, that time when they said all the noshame titles were going out of print I couldn’t help but buy all the eurocult titles that I didn’t have.

Filmsucht ist eine Leidenschaft, die mit Filmen sucht, was Leiden schafft.

According to my account, I saw about 40 films in the last month, but some of the other films I saw aren’t even on that website.

Go figure. xD

[quote=“Stanton, post:2, topic:2026”]In Germany the word for passion is “Leidenschaft”. And “leiden” means to suffer.

The trick is to keep always the balance between enjoying and suffering …[/quote]

I’d say, “No, thanks, suffering!”

Movie addiction: I’ve always regarded life as a movie. A bunch of illusions.

i promised my wife i wouldn’t buy anymore dvd’s for me until after christmas, i did that on wednesda, and yesterday i bought a dvd and also put in a bid for one which closes sunday and i’m winning!oh shit i’m going to have to be clever to dodge the wrath of the wife. she’s only little but she’s scary! shhhhh don’t tell her! :o

Don’t worry. She’s probably buying stuff that you won’t approve :wink:

[quote=“Mrs Angel Eyes, post:32, topic:2026”]Don’t worry. She’s probably buying stuff that you won’t approve ;)[/quote]and proberly with my card as well, doh!