Most violent spaghetti western?

Scalps is definitely one the most violent I’ve seen.

soldier bleu

How do you guys like Cut Throats as a film overall?

I thought it was very watchable. Beak and dark. Very violent. Have you not seen it Goodfella? I recommend you watch it so you can judge for yourself. If you try to explore the genre’s boundaries, you should get this one.

It’s an american one, isn’t it?

Yes, an american production. Directed by Ralph Nelson.

Django Kill… it made me sick. Although it was a good, strong movie, but I couldn’t watch it again. God, that was gory.

Haven’t seen Cut Throats Nine yet. I want it.

[quote=“Sieglinde, post:27, topic:363”]Django Kill… it made me sick. Although it was a good, strong movie, but I couldn’t watch it again. God, that was gory.

Haven’t seen Cut Throats Nine yet. I want it.[/quote]

Did you really think it was that violent? After all the (mostly mistaken) stuff i had read about this in the years before i saw it i was quite surprised to find it not that violent…even in the restored version. Well…the scalping scene was pretty impressive, but that’s about it. That said, it is one of my favourites…

I would think that cut throats nine would make someone sicker.

Especially the scene involving hook, it was pretty sick

Well, i have this one in my “to watch” pile. Not sure about what the quality will be or if it will be uncut though as it’s part of one of those cheap box sets…

One of those boxes had a very nice version [ripped from Eurovista i think], but i’m not sure which one it was.

It’s the Diamond Entertainment one with five discs and the following films;

Boot Hill
Any Gun Can Play
Find A Place To Die
Savage Guns
White Comanche
It Can Be Done, Amigo
Cutthroats 9
Between God, The Devil and a Winchester
Johnny Yuma
This Man Can’t Die
Minnesota Clay
The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe

I actually already had some of the titles included and bought the set mainly for This Man Can’t Die! A couple of the films do seem to be the same versions as used by Wild East…

Made me more giggling

You actually were giggling! ??? :o It may be cheap but not that cheap. Well, maybe it was but I didn’t see anything to gigle at.

I don’t mean to go off-topic… but can any of these SWs be more violent than Korean director Chan Wook Park’s OldBoy, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, etc. or Chinese director Chang Cheh’s The Heroic Ones, Vengeance!, The Blood Brothers?? I couldn’t take those. But most of the violence in SW compared to what I’ve seen (and still squirm at) is pretty mild. These films, as did SWs, of course influenced Tarantino a great deal which of course so many “homages” were paid in the Kill Bill series.

The SW violence is hardcore in its heyday (I guess, not being alive then), but now the violence is somewhat routine compared to today’s standards.

Well after seeing so many films in my life…I sort of have become switched off to violence, or put it another way it does not bother me the slightest.

Same here. I was exposed to movie violence at a young age. I think I was 10 when I saw Gangs of New York. Cut Throats nine was pretty sickening though. Although I’ve seen violenter films, It is just the way it is filmed that makes it so graphic.

Ditto. I can call some scenes ‘sick’ but that doesn’t make them ‘sickening’ for me. But there are some movies i haven’t seen, that i think may be able to make me feel sick according to some descriptions. But i can’t guarantee that :wink:

By coincidence I’m just in the middle of rewatching it, and yes, ecpecially the extreme gore scenes look somehow funny in their hopeless effort to be shocking or sickening.

From a modern point of view these artificial looking gore shots have (for me) the opposite impact as intended. They mostly make me laugh.

This film would be better without most, not all of them.

But also without these overdone shots it would remain quite a nasty and still violent movie, with a depressive atmosphere.