Most often seen movie?

(Dillinger) #1

Which one is the movie you have seen over and over again?

Mine has to be Support Your Local Sheriff

(Frank Talby) #2

Mine has to be Star Wars

(Dillinger) #3

I knew that :wink:

(Frank Talby) #4

yea big surprise. :smiley:

(Bill san Antonio) #5

probably one of those which I used to watch over and over again as a kid. Star Wars possibly even though I haven’t watched it for years now. Then there’s lots of comedies I used to watch as a kid but which I still watch every now and then, Laurel & Hardy films and Peter Sellers film The Party for example.

Nowadays my favorite is My Name is Nobody. I can just watch it over and over again.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #6

Probably the Rocky movies.

(Bad Lieutenant) #7

Reservoir Dogs
Next Friday


Dirty Harry for me.

(Stanton) #9

Wild Bunch, Pat Garrett, Eight and a Half, 2001, OuTW

(Frank Talby) #10

Recent movies that I watch over and over again:

For a Few Dollars More
Bullets Don’t Argue
Crippled Avengers

(I...I...Idiot) #11

Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Wild Style (early hip-hop pseudo documentary)
Star Wars
Outlaw Josie Wales
Taxi Driver
Mean Streets

(Dillinger) #12

ANother one of mine is Gangster No.1

(John Welles) #13

The original “Star Wars” trilogy and I have seen most of my Laurel and Hardeys at least a dozen times, with “Way Out West” (my favourite of all L & H films) nearly twenty times.

(Pacificador) #14

Reservoir Dogs

A few years back I watched Bloodsport over and over and over again. It had that cheezy “so bad it’s good” quality to it. I could probably still quote most of the movie!

(Silver) #15

Vanishing Point
Silent Running
For A Few Dollars More
Empire Strikes Back

and umm…The Beastmaster :-[

(Dorado) #16

Dirty Harry
Get Carter
Red Line
Hands of steel
The third man
High plains drifter
The duel
The Outlaw Josie Wales
For a Few Dollars More

(I...I...Idiot) #17

I did forget Jaws. Duh!

But I think it’s the Wizard Of Oz. When I was young, it was an event when it played annually. Then I had kids & watched it on VHS & then DVD.

(Dillinger) #18

I have necer seen that one… Not really popular in Germany.

(Starblack) #19

Probably The Wild Bunch, edging ahead of Cross of Iron.

(I...I...Idiot) #20

Necer seen the Wizard Of Oz Dil? I suggest you give it a whirl. I still enjoy this one.