More Dollars for the McGregors / La muerte busca un hombre (José Luis Merino, 1970)

3 years since I’d last seen this according to my views given on the previous page, and Tomas’ excellent review 8) put me in mind for another viewing…

I loved the opening song and the intriguing double cross to start got me in the zone…
But, I didn’t enjoy the revisit quite as much as having seen it with virgin eyes.
I think the first viewing was so enjoyable because it gave me no idea how things were gonna pan out - so steeped in weirdness is it… although it still entertained this time, but lacked the surprise elements that so enhanced it’s original view.
So - overall, a pretty badly made film with wolf-loops and scorpions. It’s gotta be seen though, but maybe only twice :wink:

Half marks this time - rounded up for the hippy-trippy girls.

Hmm there is a problem just with me or some scenes of this movie were too dark? (I couldn’t see what was going on)

Not sure. But I do remember some dark scenes…I just turned the brightness up on my T.V for those scenes.

Thanks, btw I don’t know what to think about this movie.

Plot is really confusing, because there is first character then he disappears, after twenty minutes there is second character and it takes a lot of time to find out who is the protagonist and who is the bad guy.

Story isn’t bad but episodic structure doesn’t help to make it more interesting.

It is definitely not your typical spag but I wouldn’t rank it even among my Top 50.

I go further: Top 200 material? Hmm, not sure, I have to say quite honestly… :wink:

Liked the first half of the film more than the second. I don’t mind unusual spaghettis but the weirdness felt a bit out of place after watching what appeared to be a standard bounty hunting spaghetti. I’d probably give it 3/5 as I did enjoy it. It just doesn’t quite make a four star rating for me but I will have to watch it again. Like Ennioo, I didn’t like the hippy Indians.