Missing Sartana Trilogy


I have been pondering the existence of these films for a while now and have some random thoughts on the subject that may not be important or interesting to anyone but myself but I thought I would share them anyway.

IF Jorge Rivero is remembering correctly and IF these films actually exist, it would stand to reason that they would have been made in or after 1975. Because, if Rivero was really so interested in why they hadn’t been released and they had been made prior to 1975, it would stand to reason that he would have asked Sicilano about it in person while he and Anthony Steffen were making Evil Eye for the director - a movie that was released in 1975. Yet, he makes no mention of that, only mentioning the small fortune he spent in trying to call to inquire about the movies.

Besides, in the early 70s, Sicilano was busy making those two other classic so-called “Sartana” films Trinity and Sartana Are Coming and Halleluja and Sartana Strike Again. :laughing:

My other thought is that, given the quality of the movies Siciliano directed in the 70s, it is unlikely we are missing out on some lost classics or even mediocre films for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, I still would like to see them but I would go into it with very low expectations.


I think Jorge is talking through his arse! :wink: The framed photo is clearly from one of his Mexican productions, and it would seem nearly impossible for 3 films made in Almeria in the 1970s to go undocumented / unremembered by local actors, stuntmen and crew.

Liar liar pants on fire !!! :crazy_face:


It would be more likely that they were shot in Mexico as a co-production or something that. Quite a few westerns was done in Mexico during early / mid 70s.

Mike will be sharing a new video with us in a couple days, I am curious to see what else he was able to dig up! :slight_smile:
He has an interesting channel on Utube here:

The SWDb brings you the first look at Mexican actor Jorge Rivero telling more about his three lost SARTANA films. Spoiler: The creator of this video, Mike Malloy, didn’t find the films. So just sit back and enjoy this lost-media story, as Mike talks out some interesting possibilities, as well as mentioning the couple clues that did turn up.


Very interesting! Thanks to Mike for digging into this Sartana mystery!

Marco Giusti’s book reports the existence of posters for export and advertisements (which presumably appeared in Italian film magazines).

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