Missing members?

(Stanton) #221

[quote=“Chris_Casey, post:219, topic:811”]I’m not missing, for the moment. :wink:

All my best to everyone![/quote]

Welcome back, Chris!

Hope you find more time for the forum in the next months, and I hope you’ll find a job soon, which is surely more important now,

(ENNIOO) #222

So where is the member who started this thread…Lindberg …

(korano) #223


(Stanton) #224


(scherpschutter) #225

Yes, he’s been spotted on Main Street

(Silence) #226

Lets not talk about that ;).

(Stanton) #227

Tit for that

(Yodlaf Peterson) #228

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:222, topic:811”]So where is the member who started this thread…Lindberg …[/quote]Apparently he’s been spending more time at the nazi forum ;D

(Silence) #229

Even though our disputes with him, I miss Lindberg. He was just a part of this forum somehow.

(John Welles) #230

I think while his views on Hitler were… controversial, he definatly wasn’t a Nazi, and I wish he’d come bck.

(Silence) #231

Agreed. And I usually try not to get anyones political views destroying a friendship. And at that certain time it was election in Sweden, so I think both me and Lindberg became more angry than we would now.

(autephex) #232

Ah man… Lindberg’s gone? I don’t know anything about these political views you guys are talking about, but always valued his contributions while I was here…

I should be sticking around for a bit this time… had to take a step back from things for a while. Had so many fan projects building up, was starting to spend all my weeks working on them, and spending too much money on films. Have spent the last year trying to straighten my life out financially, and pursuing advancement in some other interests as well.

Glad to see most of you are still around :slight_smile: Sorry if anyone has tried to reach me and I’ve been un-responsive… Just drop me a message again and I’ll get back to you asap.

(Stanton) #233

Look who’s back.

Fine to see you again here.

(ENNIOO) #234

Welcome back to town Autephex :slight_smile: .

(Phil H) #235

You beat me to it Ennioo.
Yes, nice to see you around again Autephex. :slight_smile:

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #236

Welcome back.

(autephex) #237

Cheers fellas :slight_smile:

(korano) #238

Good to have one of the originals back. :wink:

(Bill san Antonio) #239

Originals? :slight_smile:

(John Welles) #240

Hi autephex. I’ll be looking forward to reading your new posts!