Miskatonic Video

Cinecity is selling a couple of their releases, but I´ve never heard of them. He´s not listing them as dvdr´s and claims they are `small indipended with very good quality product´ (so, that’s not my spelling mistake).

Anybody familiar with their releases?

English or Spanish language option
no subtitles
82 min.
please note: although spanish/english version is short version
it is different version as it contains scenes not in the
english VHS release

english or spanish language

Specs from Cinecity who sells these for 18.95 EURO

The prints are Spanish T.V prints with an english track added, aswell as leaving the Spanish audio track on. Some of the prints are not bad for these rare titles in widescreen. Others are a little washed out lacking in colour.

Never had an original disc from this so called company, but I cannot see them being pressed discs for an audio dub job of a T.V print. I have obtained a few in trades on dvd r. If indeed they are dvd’rs which I suspect they are, Cine City is ripping people off. They can be obtained from the guy direct who sells them cheaper on E Bay from time to time:


Think you pointed out in another thread recently about the sellers description on E Bay. Have a look at this finished listing :


Thanks, ENNIOO. I figured something like that.