Minnesota Clay (Sergio Corbucci, 1964)

(Frank Talby) #61

I would have preferred the downbeat ending as the happy one seems out of place.

(Silence) #62

Horror films doesn’t use to have unhappy endings, do they?

(ChristopherGrant) #63

I actually just watched Minnesota Clay this afternoon for the first time and, for the most part, enjoyed it.

The first copy that I had was a cheap rip from, it appears, television and extremely grainy/clipped and I decided that there was no way I was going to watch it.

I agree with those that prefer the downbeat ending to the happy one. The happy ending doesn’t even make sense in the grand scheme of the film, which is set up from the very beginning (be careful, Clay, or your eyesight is gone for good). I suppose the “twist” that Clay wasn’t really going blind after all was just too much to pass up for Corbucci and Bolzoni.

The funniest part (and I don’t know if this happened with other copies) is that the English dubbing cuts off (and goes to Italian) as Clay appears to be dying, with his daughter hovering over him, screaming for help. It’s almost as if this copy is warning the viewer to beware that something out of character is about to happen.

All in all, though, I liked what I saw.

(The Stranger) #64

Warming up for Corbucci!
MC is still very close to the American Western.

Corbucci here still looking for his own style. With Django, he had found him. 8)

(Sanjuro) #65

Just watched this one & loved it. It’s got that early sixties vibe like the Magnificent Seven or Ride the High Country (especially in the first half of the movie), but with some spaghetti motifs (especially in the last half). It reminded me a lot of Peckinpah’s early films, both in some of the themes like the choice of an ageing central character rather than a young gunslinger, & in seeing an early work of a director who had bigger things ahead of him but was already developing his own style.

(Stanton) #66

But Peckinpah’s use of old men (in changing times) is very, very different. I can’t see any Peckinpah motives in Minnesota Clay.

Mag 7, maybe …

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #67

Looking forward to the VCI release

(Pistolero08) #68

Has anyone gotten their hands on the new DVD yet?

(MetalGeorge) #69

I consider myself a fan of this movie, since it was one of the first early Spaghetti’s I watched. My version has the unhappy ending (thankfully), but I’m honestly curious to see the happier one-does anyone have any screen shots or a You Tube link, they wouldn’t mind posting, per chance?


(Provvidenza) #70

Everyone lurves a happy ending! ;D

(scherpschutter) #71

Planned to take these screens to. The happy ending is a bit silly, but I love that final scene, Mitchell throwing his glasses in the air. And that final shot: wonderful!

(Provvidenza) #72

hehe, beat yer to it :slight_smile: I usually rip a DVD to my laptop and watch it on there, I still had this on my hard drive. One day I will own a hard drive big enough to store rips of all my SW DVDs. I agree with your views of the ending scherpschutter, a bit bonkers but great never the less :slight_smile:

(MetalGeorge) #73

Ah, thanks! It IS a bit sappy and silly, but I love the style of that final shot.

In my mind’s eye, Clay will always go down in glory though, in the middle of that street. :slight_smile:

(sartana1968) #74

[quote=“Provvidenza, post:70, topic:454”]Everyone lurves a happy ending! ;D

i really hate the good ending!!! the reason i loved the movie so much it’s because the sad ending, very cool atmosphere…

(autephex) #75

Just watched Minnesota Clay for the first time and I think its very underrated. I’d possibly put it up with the other great Corbuccis. I really liked the brooding tone of the film, and I thought Cameron Mitchell played/fit the part well. The happy ending did suck, and I think I’ll just stop playing the film before that part in the future.

(autephex) #76

Just had a look back through the topic and appears many people here also like this film- perhaps its not underrated! I was always under the impression that most people didn’t like the film

One addtional thought on the ending, aside from preferring the happy or unhappy ending for their (un)happiness, I thought the “happy” ending was just extremely out of place. It was like it had a completely different feel than the entire rest of the movie, and didn’t fit in at all. Clay suddenly had a somewhat cheerful/nice guy attitude, instead of the worn out, dry/cold toned character. Although I will agree with scherp in that I like the scene where he shoots his glasses and the last shot of him riding away from them

(braxtoncali) #77

hello western fans :slight_smile:

I like this one a lot :smiley: great atmosphere and kinda funny too when you saw it a few times… One reason I still got and old vhs… never got it on dvd :confused:

can recommend this one to everyone!

(Pistolero08) #78

I did enjoy this film, the downbeat ending really brought the movie together, but it just seemed so rush in comparison to Corbucci’s future projects. I didn’t hate it, in fact there were a lot of bits I liked, Fernando Sancho’s brutal death, the final shootout, the idea of a blinded gunman (not counting ‘Blindman’ obviously).

But in the end most of the characters were unconvincing, especially Cameron Mitchell and the pacing was a little too fast. Maybe I’ll warm up to it with another viewing.

(autephex) #79

I thought Cameron Mitchell’s deadpan delivery was one of the film’s biggest assets

(The Stranger) #80

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