Minnesota Clay (Sergio Corbucci, 1964)

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Yes, but in that case he wouldn’t have been able to ‘feel’ where his opponent was in the film’s final: he is still able to shoot with remarkable precision because his blindness was a process and he has learned to live with his handicap. I think it’s essential to the movie that he is a aging person, and the problem is not Mitchell, but the other characterizations, notably the daughter and her lover, they’re 50s or even 40s Hollywood, embarrassing, painfully inadequate

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Even after an eye injury he could lose his sight slightly, you don’t need more than the screenplay claiming this. :wink:

My only point was that I assume with a younger hero it probably would have been a success.

Hmm, I don’t remember the daughter role being that painful, but hey, with a young hero, the daughter problem would have been also solved.

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For me one of the most appealing things in Minnesota Clay is the elder hero. I like these stories about aging gunmen. Btw, I wonder if Minnesota Clay was influenced by life of Wild Bill Hickok who was also gradually losing his sight.

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No, but I mean the scenes these two characters share. haven’t seen the movie in a while, but remember them as quite corny


I wouldn’t call it The Searchers or High Noon, but it definetely felt in line with the early ‘Hollywood’ spaghetti’s like In a Colt’s Shadow, Adios Gringo, The Hills Run Red etc. I think it was the bright cinematography, the romantic sub-plot and lack of Corbucci level violence.

I did like Mitchell but I’ve got to admit I’d have probably enjoyed it more if it was Gemma. Haven’t seen Johnny Oro yet but it’s on my to watch pile, I never thought I’d enjoy it so I never bothered getting it but watching this one has got me a lot more interested.

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IMDB has Anthony Ross as Antonio Roso?

Fifth credited Anthony Ross should be C.S.C. actor Alberto Cevenini who has a major role. Anthony Ross is also credited in Colorado Charlie which again features Cevenini in a prominent role.

Joe Kamel (real name Giuseppe Frisaldi, according to Tom) is not Jose Canalejas, here with Alvaro de Luna.

@JonathanCorbett, any idea about Madeleine Dehecq? That would be a female name wouldn’t it?

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Defenitely a female name, yes

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Looks French doesn’t it? There are a couple of girls in the background but this one is the only other female character I’m finding with a closeup (sort of).

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It is a French name, could be her

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No doubt about Cevenini, I don’t know who this Antonio Roso is but definitely not a C.S.C.actor (there is a list of former students at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia).

Madeleine Dehecq
as you correctly pointed out there’s no third significant female character in the movie: proportions and even hairdo of the waitress in the 1966 Spanish/French co-production Amador (lightning appearance) seem to match despite the poor quality of the blown-up image.

Joe Kamel
the name Giuseppe Frisaldi is correct, but I’m sure it’s not him in the picture with Alvaro de Luna. It’s not very easy because of the different hair colour if compared for example to Quinto: non ammazzare aka El valor de un cobarde, but I think that Western Maniac forumers are right (third pic from the top down)

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Interesting! Not only blond hair but moustache and eyebrows (which appear thinner). I don’t presently have my dvd handy to check further, but he appears leaner too.

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Ok I guess he doesn’t mind the blond look :slight_smile:

Minnesota Clay, Captain McKenzie in Bullets Don’t Argue, Sebastian one of Curly’s killers in The Mercenary? (also from WM)

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That’s an important confirmation. For IMDb Frisaldi is uncredited in The Mercenary and listed as Del Karmel in The Seven from Texas, but it must be said that in the Italian version of both films he’s regularly credited as Joe Kamel.

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I watched a couple of episodes of the Netflix series “Godless” recently. The sheriff there is also slowly losing his sight…

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The dialogue for each version is different in the scene where Clay’s’s daughter comforts the dying (or not dying) Clay. The US Shortened version has Clay admitting that she’s his daughter before dying. In the extended version, he tells her how he defeated the bad guy. Then the new scene starts. The following subs are translated from the French version ending.

00:46:49,160 --> 00:46:51,640
Oh no! Clay ! Clay !

00:46:52,080 --> 00:46:54,000
It’s a miracle. A miracle.

00:46:55,440 --> 00:47:00,040
You are alive. I was about to shoot
when I heard… a sound of metal.

00:47:00,200 --> 00:47:01,880
I realised it was on you.

00:47:01,920 --> 00:47:05,280
It was your bracelet,
then I heard him… And I shot.

00:47:08,360 --> 00:47:11,720
I had only one witness
who could prove my innocence: It was him.

00:47:12,360 --> 00:47:15,840
He knew the truth… and I killed him.

00:47:16,200 --> 00:47:17,520

  • All is lost.
  • No.

00:47:17,600 --> 00:47:22,360

  • Clay, listen: I beg you not to lose hope.
  • I want to, but it’s all over.

00:47:22,400 --> 00:47:24,320
Now, there’s nothing can be done.

00:47:24,640 --> 00:47:25,640

00:47:26,240 --> 00:47:27,840
No. Clay!

00:47:28,240 --> 00:47:29,120

00:47:44,960 --> 00:47:47,680
You will receive the reward
for the arrest of Minnesota Clay…

00:47:47,720 --> 00:47:51,200
Let his innocence be established or not
when given fair judgement.

00:47:51,240 --> 00:47:53,880
He will be exonerated, I am certain of that.

00:47:53,920 --> 00:47:57,360
The village has found peace again,
and soon the children will return to school.

00:47:57,960 --> 00:48:01,480
Hey, Clay!
Hurry up, there’s a long way to go.

00:48:02,000 --> 00:48:03,360
He will come directly, sir.

00:48:03,400 --> 00:48:05,720
Yes, I have trouble seeing anything
with these damn spectacles.

00:48:05,760 --> 00:48:09,440
You’ll get used to them, Clay.
The doctor said you must never remove them.

00:48:10,160 --> 00:48:11,120
I’ll try.

00:48:11,920 --> 00:48:13,320

00:48:13,360 --> 00:48:17,520
If people were told what this man went through, they’d never believe it

00:48:21,200 --> 00:48:23,920
Take care of her.
I will return for your wedding.

00:48:23,960 --> 00:48:26,080

  • And why won’t you stay
  • I can’t.

00:48:26,840 --> 00:48:28,840
One of these days… Goodbye.

00:48:33,840 --> 00:48:35,400
Goodbye, Clay.

00:48:37,040 --> 00:48:37,880

00:48:47,720 --> 00:48:50,760

  • Tell me, do you think he’ll come back?
  • Yes, he’ll be back.

00:48:50,920 --> 00:48:53,080
Yes I’m sure. Don’t worry

00:48:54,000 --> 00:48:54,800

00:48:55,560 --> 00:48:58,080
Take care, Clay… Take care.

00:49:08,840 --> 00:49:10,280
So, did you tell her?

00:49:11,960 --> 00:49:13,560
No. I didn’t have the courage.

00:49:14,640 --> 00:49:17,040
It’s better this way. Take care of her.

00:49:19,480 --> 00:49:20,200
And yourself.

00:49:24,120 --> 00:49:25,360
Adios, amigo.

00:49:26,720 --> 00:49:28,400
Adios, amigo.

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Thanks for posting that.

I haven’t watched this in a while but does Clay not clearly acknowledge that she is his daughter in the longer version then?

(scherpschutter) #199

If he doesn’t, and the girl would not be his daughter, it would change the meaning of the entire movie. Would make some of Clay’s behavior rather pointless

(Novecento) #200

Not that she isn’t his daughter but just that Clay doesn’t openly acknowledge it to her.

I think I need to watch this one again some time…

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