Michael Parks Documentary


My name is Josh Roush and I’m making a documentary on Michael Parks who appeared in many westerns throughout his career.

What I’m looking for is something of legend from his family. From my investigations, all of his family used to make fun of him for his first role in a western. I cannot find the name or any mention of it, but all of his family constantly says “Pass the beans pa” because when he appeared, he popped out of a tent, read that line, then got shot in the chest with an arrow.

Can anyone name that movie for me or does anyone have any info on it?

Many thanks,
Josh Roush

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The only western I watched with Michael Parks was his dreadful sequel to Clint Eastwood’s Outlaw Josey Wales. I don’t recall that scene in the film. There was definitely an Indian who was with shooting arrows into people. Maybe you could check IMBD.


I don’t think it’s from a Western film, my guess is probably from the Zane Grey Theater TV show. Check IMDB…I think Season 5 episode 6 " Ransom_" might have a clue. Good luck!