Mexico in Flames (1982/Bondarchuk)

A Zapata western(?) with franco Nero and Ursula Andress. I know next to nothing about this one and would like info please.

Is it a Western or a historical Drama? It seems to be a Movie from the USSR and has a connection to another Movie:

Has anyone actually seen this one out of curiosity ?

These 2 film belong togther.

Actually it’s not a western, (intended) historical drama is the more fitting specification.
And compared to Bodartchuks overwhelming War and Peace Mexico in flames it’s a disaster. Don’t know what happened, but the film looks rather messy and in content muddled.

I haven’t seen it - but it appears that I’ve got it!
I’m confused - the copy I’ve got (which I’d hoped was this film) says it’s called Insurgent Mexico - so I imdb’d it

and it turns out to be NOT this film …

What I actually wanted was - this one … (the one with Nero and Andress) …

Now it gets confusing …

I’ve just checked my film and …

It is called Insurgent Mexico … 'scept
it does have Nero and Andress (hoorah!!)
Seems that imdb might be wrong on this?

Here’s the proof … my copy (you want Ennioo?) …

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Sorry - I got all out of order with the title - but heres one of Ursula undressed to make amends … ;D

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Well thanks for the information Reverend and all the photo’s of course ;).

The romance between Nero and Andress becomes a bit tiresome. Some big battle sequences which sometimes appear to have been shot to far away, and although not bad lack bite at times. Nero is dubbed which is a shame. Not as bad as expected though.

I’d really like to see this one, but it’s only available in German, not in English, Russian or French. :’(

I saw a trailer for it somewhere.

I haven’ t seen this one, but I have a greek tape somewhere, so unless it’s in the bottom of a huge stack I might watch it today…

If it’s the Nero/Andress film, (there’s some titleing confusion - see above posts) then I’ve got it in English. You can pm me.