Metal arm brace!

The movie that I’m looking for is about a guy that has a metal arm brace for shooting with accuracy and speed and towards the end someone else shows up with one as well



Doesn’t sound familiar. There’s some sort of metal brace where gun is attached used in the end of Fast Hands is still my Name but that’s probably not the one you meant.

Thanks for the reply, The movie goes on and the guy wears this metal sling that makes him quickly draw his pistol with accuracy and towards the end when he encounters the other guy with a brace, his is broken but still manages to win the fight, The following links of two others which have been looking for the same movie, and once again thanks for the help.

I know it may not help, but I’m sure there is some kind of gun mechanism similar to what you describe in one of the many Sartana films, however, I can’t really recall anything specific. Maybe a Sartana buff can remember.

So now a little more help, I know for a fact that this movie was in spanish!

that link below is the spaghetti western database u can browse by year country of production actor director etc etc. if you know any of that info you can narrow it down. when u click on a movie title it has the movie poster cast, plot summary and even trailers and clips. many of these movies titles are in Italian so its hard to guess which one is the movie you’re looking for. if i find it i will let you know

Thanks if find I will post


Sorry this does not ring a bell at all. I know the Big Gundown has a specially made holster for drawing faster, but not an arm brace. Is the brace being worn to compensate for some sort of injury suffered?

yes I believe so, if i can remember he was injured and and this inventor put on this metal brace with gears on him which allowed him to shoot faster and more accurate. and i believe the movie was in spanish. Thanks


Did you see it in a Spanish speaking country, a spanish release or do you think the film was from Spain?

I saw it in California on a mexican channel and I asked around and all seem to know what im talking about but dont know characters or movie name. Thanks


amazing how much help Im getting. Thanks everybody

Couldn’t be that film with George eastman Hate your neighbour

In all probability the country of origin is Mexico.

yes i too believe the origin of this movie is Mexico

Yes I found it, its called Bloody Marlene now to find the DVD, thanks everybody

Joe Moon

[quote=“imjoemoon, post:15, topic:2957”]Yes I found it, its called Bloody Marlene now to find the DVD, thanks everybody

Joe Moon[/quote]

Uau, nice tiltle for a film

[quote=“imjoemoon, post:15, topic:2957”]Yes I found it, its called Bloody Marlene now to find the DVD, thanks everybody

Joe Moon[/quote]

i was very curious what western could it be - that’s great you finally found out :wink:

A very obscure title it seems, probably no DVD available, might have to go the gray market route for this one. Interesting, let us know how it goes!

Alberto Mariscal is a rather interesting director, among other things three of his many westerns were released in Italy at the time disguised as SWs: Todo por nada, El tunco Maclovio and El sabor de la venganza (as Le quattro croci di El Paso, Viveva per uccidere, uccideva per vivere and Occhio per occhio dente per dente sei fregato Cobra! respectively).[/url]


El Tuclo Maclovio wasn’t a bad flick, and this got Hugo Stiglitz so it can’t be all that bad