MERCENARIO German lobby cards

I’m desperately trying to complete my German MERCENARIO LCS.
Anybody collecting LC’s ?

I’d pay a high price for the two cards I’m looking for. Or trade of course…

One card I don’t even know yet, the other one is Stanton’s avatar :slight_smile: :

… which was in fact directly stolen (ehh borowed) from your avatar in the SLWB.
I just had changed it a few days ago as a little contribution to our board’s “focus of the month” of a certain DVD release.

But this is one of my favourite images of all SWs.

Of all the German Lobby Cards I have in my collection, I do not have anything for THE MERCENARY. :frowning:

Your best bet would be to keep a look-out at if you’re not already doing it. Haven’t looked for LCs for a while but when I did I believe I saw a couple from the movie come up from time to time. But they aren’t that cheap when they do appear. On the other hand you could get lucky. I managed to pick up a complete LC-set (including original envelope) for Django including poster for nearly nothing.

Yes, some come up from time to time, mostly the ‘mediocre’ ones.
I have my 22 for 15, 20 years now. Just that bloody ‘avatar’ LC never showed up…

Here are my 22 LC’s. Again, if someone here has the missing two cards, I’ll pay
heavily over priced $$ or trade…

If they include everything, on the KOCH DVD you’ll find a lot of memorabilia :slight_smile:
France, UK, USA, Germany almost complete. Only the Italian bustas I could
never get. A shame :frowning:

cool collection.

will watch the DVD in a few minutes :wink:

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Outstanding collection! What great images!!
I am really looking forward to the Koch Media release of this film–as much for the extras as the film itself!




Nefarious Bastard!

Or…if you prefer…

Nefairious Basterd!!


shit you know how to hurt people …

Right on, Stanton!
Hence my previous “nefarious” post in this thread! ;D

two more weeks, people… i’m trying to have a review (German first) up very soon. Trust me it’ll be worth the wait

mach nur weiter so…

hehe :slight_smile: mit den Extras bin ich schon durch, ich versuche diese woche nen blick auf den film zu werfen und nen text online zu haben mit dem wochenende. dann geht das ding an phil oder scherp fuer ein englischsprachiges review…

Auch auf die Gefahr hin, mich zu wiederholen. Mach nur weiter so…

Kannst du uns schon ein paar Screenshots von der DVD zeigen, damit man sich einen Eindruck von der Bildqualität machen kann?

hatte ich vor zu machen. grad die dvd aber nich bei mir. bis zum wochende hab ich das aber

[quote=“Dillinger, post:14, topic:2192”]mach nur weiter so…[/quote]?