Men's Adventure Magazines - (Book)

Not spaghetti - and most of the images from the late 50s/early 60s - obviously pre-date them, but the imagery here looks more sw than what you might find in American westerns (altho’ I’m certainly no expert on westerns-USA).
Taschen have just released a book (with the title above) that documents “the Rich Oberg Collection of Men’s Adventure magazines in Postwar America”.
Within its warped and debauched 350 pages are (only) 20 or more that are western-themed, but may be of interest to the gang of misfits that park up here at times.
A copy of it has certainly found its way into the vaults of the Priory’s profane library, but I should certainly dissuade you sinners from purchasing your own copy (to be had for a measly £8 - or my copy was £6 at HMV?) - as there is terribleness and lurid near-nakedness in abundance within it’s lust-soaked pages.

The western images reside in the chapter entitled ‘The Wild Rampage of the Sex-crazed Pirate Women - From the High Seas to High Noon’ , and there are other beastly and depraved images lurking perniciously within such other chapters as ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tits’, ‘Weasles ripped my Flesh’ and ‘I Watched the Fire Dance of Human Sacrifice’.
Obviously a piece of misogynist filth that should be avoided at all costs then! ;D
(I will attach a coupla images to the following post - 'cos it all got fucked-up yesterday and I lost my rantings on the matter …)

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It’s only allowing one piece of depravity at a time …
My! is that a whip? :o

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The Devil’s work indeed. Thank heaven’s we have you to sift out this sort of Satanic filth on our behalf Rev and keep our souls pure.

Although I must admit to being intrigued by the sub headings on these front covers. “I gave my legs to the maggots of Africa” sounds like just the sort of mind improving quality journalism we see all too little of these days.

“Satan’s pigs ate us alive” ;D