Men on a Mission westerns

Recently watched Kill them All and Come Back Alone, The 5 Man Army, A Reason to Live A Reason to Die, and all 4 Magnificent Seven movies. I’ve always really enjoyed the ‘men on a mission’ type films and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or suggestions for further viewing? I’ve got Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die at the top of my DVD pile right now which was the closest thing I could find on my own with its small group of main characters.

Off the top of my head Red Blood, Yellow Gold comes to mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I’ll look for a copy of that then.

Aren’t cowboys always on a mission?

This comes to mind as well ;D

But on topic, I think really any spag with a number of people in the title might fit what you’re looking for. The MacGregor films, The Unholy 4, The Hellbenders, and I think The Tramplers (been a while) should fit the bill

I’ll keep my eyes out for any more group adventure westerns. I think Guy Madison did one in the early 60s. I’ll have to find out.

“EDIT” Found it, its called Five For Revenge.

Thanks guys, I’m thinking Gunfight at High Noon qualifies too so I’ve got a good list of titles now.