Maurizio Graf / Third Thread

Judging by the comments that I have read through on the ‘SWDB’, there appear to be - like myself - several fans of the great vocalist, Maurizio Graf.

Has anyone been able to obtain Maurizio’s autograph; and - if so - do they have any contact details that they could share with other members of the site?

I - for one - am anxious to try and get hold of Maurizio Graf’s signed picture!

My favourite Graf themes are:

‘A Pistol For Ringo’
‘The Return of Ringo’
‘Johnny Hamlet’.

Hi, Amigos!

I was hoping that, after 159 views, that there would be at least one reply, (or encouragement) regarding my hunt for info. regarding the magnificent Maurizio Graf.

After all, he was

After buying the L.P. ‘Una Pistola Per Ringo & Returno Di. Ringo’, in 1980-81, I became an aficionado of anything concerning Maurizio Graf.

Alas… no reply, whatsoever… the ‘name on the grave’ has remained ‘Unknown’…

Until now…

After digging for info., I eventually received my own response from the magnificent Maurizio Graf.

I received a ‘Sad Hill’ haul of personal written messages of good-will; several personally signed photos…etc. Maurizio couldn’t have been more obliging…!

I am thrilled over-joyed Great to think that I now received a reply from the gentleman who has contributed to several of my all-time favourites Spaghetti Western themes: 'A Pistol For Ringo; ‘Return of Ringo’; ‘Johnny Hamlet’.

Great to see Maurizio on a recent ‘Youtube’ ‘Spaghetti Western Orchesta’ clip.

Thank you, Maurizio.

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Cat Stevens…

Did you draw/paint this image, yourself?

I did! Digitally drawn / painted in a program called Clip Art Studio.

It looks great! Now, what about a few images more, perhaps of Spaghetti Western characters?

I did this one a decade ago, and, though I’m not very happy with it, it seems to have become popular on the web:

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Excellent caricatures…!

Cat, you have a real talent there…so please keep nurturing it.

Do you produce these excellent images simply as a hobby, or are they part of your everyday work?

Whichever they are…they are eye-catching, stylish, and pretty darn good.

It would be good to see more of them, in the future.

All the best, amigo.

Ah, this was you?? I’ve come across this one before, it’s excellent!

Thank you! Perhaps I should update it soon!

I seem to remember - as well as a few others - that you have a magnificent talent for producing ‘Spag. West’ art…

Have you produced anything recently? If so, them I’m sure that the ‘SWDB’, and I, would like to see it…?