Massacre at Marble City / Die Goldsucher von Arkansas (Paul Martin, 1964)

I watched this film today. I thought it was entertaining enough but it did drag in some scenes. The sound on the English fandub I watched wasn’t too great. It is classed as a “spaghetti western” but it feels much more like a German western to me. Has anyone else watched this one?

I have. There’s even a review of it in the database:

I haven’t watched it :slight_smile: But I got the Koch Media Teutonenwestern Collection that contains it (under it’s original title Die Goldsucher von Arkansas) that the fandubbed version probably used as source:

As the title of the box set suggests this is more of a German western than spaghetti. I also intend to watch it with the German dub as that seems to be the most fitting for a basically German western

It’s a pity the films in that don’t box set don’t have English subtitles or dubbing. How are the Indians portrayed in the other films? It seems like the Indians are always the good guys in German westerns, regardless of whether they’re West German or East German films. I do find it amusing that these Indians are meant to be Mescaleros. They don’t look anything like Mescaleros and the location didn’t look like New Mexico, either.

There’s an existing thread for this film.

I’d merge them but don’t seem to have that ability since the forum changed platforms. Anyone else able to do it?

But it isn’t the same movie. This is Die Goldsucher von Arkansas not Die Schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe. That one is also included in the box set though :slight_smile:

There are three movies, produced by Wolf C. Hartwig, all starring Horst Frank & Brad Harris (but playing different characters in the three movies):

Ah, my mistake. I just read the first line from the qouted Teutonwestern Collection.

Should have looked closer.

No problem, they are all the same …

Indeed. I have trouble to remember which was what movie and why (should I care)