Martin Bengtsson book/ sw stuntman?

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I’ve come across this a few times now whilst perusing amazon and ebay, and this guy sounds like an interesting character. Amongst his “nefarious persuits” he claims that he was a stuntman in spaghetti westerns in southern Spain.
Anybody heard of him or know which films he was in, or have even read this book?
Anyway, I’ve started this thread so I’d better get the book ordered I suppose :D.
I’ll let you know what I find out.

(Edit: it can be got from a number of sellers on amazon uk for 1p (+2.75 postage) - and that seems reasonable enough!)

Well - it’s arrived and I’ve skimmed it and checked for sw material. There is some but it’s sketchy. Of being in Almeria, he says that he’s “worked on 16 productions, 9 of which were classic Spaghetti Westerns.” The parts he’s had range from "… small speaking bits to fight sequences and, of course, falling off horses."
Of the horses - he said they are specially trained to fall, that the action is done at a gentle hand canter and then speeded up. He also states that he is against any mistreatment of the animals, and that in his experience “no horse was injured”.
He doesn’t say much about the specific sw films he was in but has “rubbed shoulders” with Charles Bronson, Lee Van Cleef, James Coburn, Richard Harris, Sean Connery, Brigitte Bardot and Clint.

He is full of admiration (and anecdotal stuff) regarding Richard Harris (Riata/The Deadly Trackers), he also mentions “On one movie, the director was an Italian called Joe Pollini”, and there’s a colour photo of him with Joe Bugner and another of himself playing the banker (a talking part) in Buddy Goes West. There’s also a photo of him with a chap called Ginger Gemmel - who he says is a great man to work with.

It’ll take somebody better with names and dates than me, to deduce more. On the whole, there’s not a lot sw-wise to get yer teeth in.