Interesting, but bad quality (esp. audio), too bad. Are you replacing it with a newer version? What would u recommend

I thought the Koch version is great quality:

A better upgrade from the Greek VHS I used to have.

Yea but the audio track also? I read bad things about it

I’ll check tomorrow about the sound. Its been a while since I watched it.

I’ve just check the Audio tracks, German is good but English is very quiet, like the Blindman dvd, volume seems to be the problem.

Letting these go, preferrably all at once. Any takers?

I have some wildeast dvds to let go;these are sealed;
We 62,33,63,57,55,51,48,31,52,32,46,39,
Have some others which been viewed once, update post later.What I don`t have is trailer compilations, pistoleros(would like to own it tho), lee van cleef double feature and some other rares.Am asking like 12€ a piece(perhaps more for fort yuma gold and arizona colt)+shipping(preferrably EU buyer) at paypal.if any interest message me at

Anyone still buying dvds? Made an export of dvdprofiler of things I can let go (replaced by blurays or by different dvd editions)

German audio

English audio

French audio

Italian audio

Main attractions:

  • Fistful of Trailers is in the same condition as I bought it here many years ago on the forum. Little tear in cover and spine seems sunfaded. Here’s a scan
  • Wilkommen in der Holle (sealed)

Only EU buyers please (payment with IBAN transfer)
Shipping with Mondial Relay if possible

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Great to see you again :slight_smile:

Hey Sebastian, I see you were letting Gatling Gun go. Just curious the reason. Did you get an upgrade?

wow that was a long time ago. yes I have the double feature bluray with grand duel

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I was never really gone, but sorry I cannot stand this forum software so I don’t login anymore.

I can remove it from ebay if anyone’s directly interested