Map of Tabernas ramblas?

I’ve seen quite a lot references of movie locations to specific ramblas in the Tabernas desert. (For example: Decorados Almeria) Although I have explored the Tabernas desert quite a bit and been to places like the “oasis” and the “Lee van Cleef hill”, I can’t get oriented and have no idea how to identify ramblas in the desert (beyond the Rambla de Tabernas probably). Google does not seem to offer much help, at least not for me.

Is there any website or specific book/map/website that is recommended for naming/locating the Tabernas ramblas? Thanks so much in advance.

As far as I know Carsten used IGN or military maps. I can recommend this series:

You’ll find many ramblas by name there, for example the famous Rambla Lanujar.

There’s also an app called Orux Maps which has these IGN maps available digitally online. Again, Rambla Lanujar as an example.

Does this have maps maybe?


Thanks for your suggestion. I have the Spanish version of the book(let). I don’t remember that there is a dedicated map of the Tabernas ramblas system in there.

I was thinking more of a hiking map. Once one knows the location of the ramblas, its easy to assign the locations.