Manitou’s Shoe / Der Schuh des Manitu (Michael Herbig, 2001)

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“Oopshi, did I scare you?”'s_Shoe_Review

Not as funny the second time round for me. Always surprises me how financially successful the film was.

i wasn´t very fond of humour in this one, but it is better than Herbig´s (T)raumschiff Surprise - i had hard time to smile even once - nothing funny about their jokes

I thought it was quite funny, maybe a bit too vulgar, but still a good entertainment.
I have a feeling that there were many elements taken from Italian west, particularly one scene recalls me the flashback from"Once upon a time in the west".

A good review by scherpschutter btw.

I’m not.
But maybe you really have to be German, and have to understand the Bavarian dialect. At least it helps.

And it is a well directed film. With a fond sense for details and filled with hilarious jokes ranging from vulgar to subtle…

I really have enjoyed it.

(T)raumschiff Surprise is indeed only half as good.

Btw Scherp, the girl is named Uschi not Ushi (nor sushi), unless this is the English expression for Uschi.



I changed five or six Ushis into Uschis, hope I haven’t forgotten Sushi (couldn’t find her)

I didn’t understand every word of the Bavarian dialogue, but the German DVD has German subs HOH and they help a lot
Furthermore I think the sound of te Bavarian dialect is as important as the exact meaning of the words, especially when Winnetouch is speaking, or mumbling. Some of the effects are hilarious (notably the final scene, Winnetouch riding off into the sunset)
Overall I find Bavarian easier to understand than some other German accents (from Stutgart, Berlin, Hamburg etc.). I met a couple from Mainz once, and when they spoke their dialect, I could hardly make out what they where talking about (luckily most Germans can switch between dialect and Hoch Deutsch, in many countries this is different, people speak only the regional variation of the language, which might cause quite a few problems)

Sushi appears only in the special Japanese version.

Something to look forward to

For those who think the Uschi with the dental braces is ugly, just google the name Natalie Avalon (I’ll add a note to the review)

Have to look out for that version then :smiley: .

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