Manhunt western help!

(korano) #1

A great subgenre of westerns is the manhunt western. Does anybody know some good manhunt westerns?

(Bad Lieutenant) #2

A manhunt western? Isn’t any western?

(korano) #3

Well you know that every western has different plots. But there are so many it seems that use the manhunt theme that I think it can be called a subgenre.

(Silver) #4

I guess something like Spara Gringo Spara might qualify then? If you haven’t seen it, the main character is sent out to find the errant son of a wealthy Mexican landowner. He does catch him but the boy keeps escaping and getting recaught… It’s one of those films that seems to be not to everyone’s taste so whether you’d like it or not…?

(korano) #5

I have been very close to buying that one and it is on the very top of my buy list and has now been reinforced.

(alk0) #6

The Big Gundown comes to mind. I actually think it’s the best non-Leone SW.

(korano) #7

That one is very good. Wouldn’t go so far as best non leone best curtainly on par with it’s inteligence. It is a very well made spaghetti I shold say.