Dynamite entertainment the company that publishes THE LONE RANGER comic has announced they will be launching a series based on the popular clint eastwood character.They promise to stay true to the original concept.The first issue is scheduled for word yet on writer/artist

Any update on this?

Wikipedia states: In July of 2007, American comic book company Dynamite Entertainment announced that they were going to begin publishing a comic book featuring The Man With No Name. Set after the events of “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly,” the comic will be written by Christos Gage.

When I looked at the site of Dynamite entertainment I didn’t find anything… But I send them an email trought the contact-button so when they react I’ll keep you updated.

I just have noticed that Jonah Hex apparently has deleted his forum membership for a second time.


Just ordered man with no name#1 which is on the stands now. dont worry hes not a zombie they just drew him like that on the cover for some reason?

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This comic is the worst thing I have seen in a very long time. Bad art, bad story (so far), and the people that put this thing together didn’t pay very close attention to the character of “The Man with No Name”.
They have him running to action (Eastwood never “ran” into action!), they have him using two pistols like Josey Wales (or Chow Yun-Fat), he walks into town (at the least he would have ridden a mule!), and he has long hair!
One big flub they make is having No Name run to his horse, grab a rifle, run through a building, and by the time he gets to the back door…his rifle has turned into twin pistols!?!
How’d that happen?
I know it is just my opinion, but this comic series is UTTER CRAP!!

thats disapointing :-\

There was suppose to be action figures released in conjunction with the comics. Any news on that?

I’m another who didn’t enjoy the comic. It was pretty bad.

And I never heard any news regarding action figures. That might’ve been interesting…

Yes, this was a disappointment. Still, it was nice to see a Western-themed comic, I guess.

Wasn’t there a second volume?

Yeah, there’s two trades available.