Man of the Cursed Valley / L’uomo della valle maledetta (Siro Marcellini, 1964)

Cowboy comes across a white woman who was kidnapped and lived with indians for years who has escaped, he takes her back to town and her husband an indian from a different tribe also escapes and eventually gets back to the wife. the cowboy attempts to help the couple by getting the woman’s father to accept his daughters husband. the indians are in pursuit however…
This is perhaps the most mediocre spaghetti western i have yet seen, not the worst but it is definitely a strange SW. More like a drama than amything else. It runs 80 minutes and there is not a shot fired until the 71st minute! well made but forgettable, star Ty Hardin is earnest but does not use his own voice in the film. rarely seen i think and i’m not surprised not likely to make any ones top lists. A diferent if dull spaghetti western though. has anyone else seen this? what do you think? 4/10.

Awful film, one of the worst spaghetti westerns ever.

Reviewed it here:

Never seen it, and probably never will.

We should probably have the film’s DB link here too.,_El

Viewed years ago and remember nothing about the film.

[quote=“Phil H, post:4, topic:2918”]We should probably have the film’s DB link here too.,_El[/quote]

Sebastian thinks it’s an interesting film …

I didn’t even remember I’ve seen it but that’s what I wrote in “last western you watched-thread”

-lame romantic western, it was more like long episode of Little house on the prairie than spaghetti western. 1/5.

So Sebastian, what was so damn interesting about this thing?

Not the worst Spaghetti western but there’s little continuity to it. The tale rambles as Gwen is a pawn between her Indian husband and her racist father and is captured twice by the Apaches. Other than Spanish locations there is little Euro-western feel to the film.

Judging from the comments on this film I’d say that there’s little chance to watch it even if I live up to 130 years.

Just viewed this one again. Due to the upgrade in a 2.35 print that is available. One film that does not benefit from the medium as the film is basically shit :D. The main hero is on a love match mission which is crazy in this genre at the time really, and thats about it really.

I don’t have time to re-watch even some of the really good ones but Ennioo seems to watch these worst sw’s from the early days again and again. :smiley:

Your right Bill. Always get drawn back to these early ones for whatever reason.