Man and a Colt / Un hombre y un colt (Tulio Demicheli, 1967),_Un

The film was mentioned in the Koch media documentary about the SW. (No, I do not have bought this documentation, but they ran a few years ago on german TV ;D ;D ;D ;D)
Had me really surprised, since only better-known films was discussed.

What is your opinion about the movie.
A forgotten gem? Or not worth risks a glance ?

Neither,but it’s worth watching.
Sancho is always worth watching and Hundar is very good in this,too.
I’ve a german version from SK video,which is cut to measly 72 min.
If you want a copy,send a P.M. to me :wink:

Decent film, a fast-paced adventure with a dash of Zapata Westerns. Nice interplay between the leads.

I have a fair quality Spanish-language DVD.

Do you know the runtime,Starblack ?

The runningtime of the Spanish DVD is 82 min and some sec. and i think the quality is good!

Thanks tomobea
That sounds good and uncut,because the cinema runtime is stated with 86 min.
Finally we need an engl. dub :slight_smile:

Here are screenshots of the DVD:

There is a fansub version with english subtitles of the Spanish disc floating around.

I have the Spanish DVD copy and quite enjoy this film. It’s easy to follow and uses some of the locations we’ve seen in other SW’s filmed in Spain. Hundar and Sancho are excellent in their portrayals. Above averrage I’d say.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:8, topic:2426”]There is a fansub version with english subtitles of the Spanish disc floating around.[/quote]Do you know if the subs are available as a separate .srt-file?

Do not know sorry Bill.

Big Robert Hundar plays a gunman, but with a heart though. Turns down a job to kill a doctor when he finds out he is working for the poor people of the revolution. Fernando Sancho is on cheeky clever form, who lives with his mother who likes to smoke a mean cigar. Chirpy upbeat score. Mixes lone gunman themes with Zapata elements in a nice simple way, and it works.

Surprising film as when it starts I was expecting some Ringo style western where gunfighter joins a bandit group to double cross them or something like that but it soon takes a turn to the zapata style. And in the end it changes to revenge film.

Some other things surprised me as well. One of the characters, really evil looking mexican rancher (reminded me of Nino of Massacre Time) looked like he’s going to be main villain in the film but is killed instead quite soon.

Hundar is good in the lead and then we got Sancho who plays his usual routine which I can’t help loving.

My rating 5/10

I gave it also a 5/10 rating. It starts very well, but later on somehow the film loses its focus.

i gave it 2/5 good opening bore at most part and the ending has nothing :-[

Quite enjoyed this one for the reasons stated above by Bill, Ennioo and others. I like Hundar a lot so his presence helps make up for any little niggles and Sancho can do no wrong in my book so not surprising I was kept quite happy.
Watched the fan sub from Spanish DVD mentioned above.


“Have a Cigar !”


“jus primae noctis (that is the right of a lord to take the virginity of a bride working on his estate) on the wedding day of a young Mexican couple”, this is also the starting point for Mulargia’s Zapata forerunner Pray to God and Dig Your Grave. A film with its own flaws, but more satisfying than this one.

Haven’t seen that one, I think (sometimes a bit confusing, all these titles with prayers and graves)
I like Mulargia, so I think I go looking for a copy.

I was in Inverness a couple of years ago, and discovered that a professor from Edinbrough gave a few summer lectures in the local library. One was dedicated to Bonny Prince Charlie, the second to William Wallace. Very interesting; turned a few rainy afternoons into real events. We discussed Braveheart and the ius primae noctis, and read a few texts on the subject. He too thought it had a historical base (I remember he said, laconically: I would be surprised if such a thing never occured in history. So would I)

I haven’t seen this one but I think that the Hang 'Em High theme was a great inspiration for the composer: