Making a Fistful - Out takes from the making of A Fistful of Dollars

Howard Hughes alerted me to some recently emerged out takes from the making of A Fistful of Dollars which are now up on Youtube.

He has kindly written an article for us entitled ‘Making a Fistful’ outlining the content and we’ve added a link to the footage via Youtube.

You’ll find it all here:

Very nice, thanks.

Excellent work, Mr. Hughes (and Mr. Phil, of course)



“A Fistful of Dollars was filmed in 11 weeks, from April to June 1964.”

That’s quite a lot for a film which is often called “cheap” or even a B-picture. The budget of 180.000 to 250.000 $ is also far from sparse for a film which uses only unknown actors, a crew without big names, used costumes and a few locations, which mostly were already built and only modified for the film’s needs.

And more than 700 shots is not bad for a film of the 60s.

Incredible - a real find and thanks to Hughes and of course Phil.

A big THANK YOU you to Howard Hughes and Phil!
After all these years, and after having watched (and loved) the ‘Dollars’ Trilogy so many times, it has been a joy indeed to discover such fantastic footage.
If this treasure trove has been found, then what else lies in wait out there on the Prairie??


This is really great. Thanks to everyone involved.

Totally cool, I will check it all out later.

Coolest post I’ve seen in a long time… across all mediums.

aaaaand watching it again.