Anyone speaking?

I’m drinking it.

Don’t they mostly do white wine?

Must be some Finnish beer Silence

Well that’s not really what the topic was about ;).

But seriously, is that a Finnish beer? I at least know Finnish and Hungarian are both Finnish-Ugric.

Finnish and Magyar are close, both languages are said to be very difficult to learn, Magyar is said to be even more difficult than Finnish.

Maybe Bill San Antonio knows more about this

I don’t think they understand much of each other. Finnish and Estonian are more close to each other. But all are very hard to learn.

All I know about Hungarian is that you put “ok” after when in plural form. So Hungarians would be “Magyarok”.

And their word for cockroach is “csótány”. And their version of Carl is Káróly. And I know a few more names.

Hungarian names are quite nice. I especially like “Gyárfás” or “Járfás”.

Overall, I like Hungary. I have a few Hungarian roots myself, thought it’s a long time back.

Going pretty good for me to learn Hungarian. At least I can say Szia, a nevem Carl.

I used to believe in many things, all of it! Now, I believe only in dynamite

Teljesen átdolgozott bevezetés a spagettiwesternek csodálatos világába, mostantól magyarul is! Klikk ide (köszönjük ha megosztod!):és

Thanks to @El_Hungaro


Thanks @El_Hungaro for translating my words into your beautiful language

It was my pleasure!