Magnificent Brutes of the West / I magnifici Brutos del West (Marino Girolami, 1964)

Anybody seen this? Is there any English friendly (or Swedish friendly) version available? It looks kinda funny I think, as I never have been a fan of “Trinity” humour.

Database page: Magnifici brutos del West, I - The Spaghetti Western Database

This looks more like Franco & Ciccio comedy which is even worse than any Trinity humor.

Trinity humor is quite ok, but i’ve seen one of those Franco & Ciccio comedies and it was almost unwatchable. The only good thing related to these guys was Ciccio’s scene in “Amarcord” [“I want a woman!”]

Was that guy Ciccio? haha, great!

Didn’t knew that too.

And here are the ‘magnificent’ Brutos - a bewilderingly popular Italian comedy troupe - hawking goods on a vintage carosello:

I magnifici Brutos del West is essentially a kidpic, with a sense of humor slightly different from Franco and Ciccio’s one.

For SW experts the cast is quite interesting, with a number of familiar faces (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Ignazio Spalla/Pedro Sanchez this time credited as Ignatius Shoulder ;D, Nello Pazzafini, Julio Peña, Pietro Ceccarelli, Emilio Messina) and a good role for Eugenio Galadini a.k.a Graham Sooty as uncle Sal, undertaker in all probability not inspired by Piripero seeing that the movie was released in December 1964.


What else? A dead man body destined for cremation covered in cream, four sexually aroused and extremely overweight Native American women and… nitropoop.


Marshall, I again ask you to create in THE SPAGHETTI WESTERNS section a new Comedies Child Board including all existing threads for movies in the two sub-categories (real SW comedies and Spoofs with comedians as lead actors as in this case).

I am finding that some of the dumbest early comedies make the funniest reviews when written about, but they’re not really the sort of titles that will keep you coming back to the genre.

I saw it on you tube in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Desperate for entertainment. Like the Franco & Ciccio movies plenty of slapstick, stupidity and a very few clever gags. Nothing to go out of your way to locate or see but not one of the worst either. Nice assembly of Spaghetti regulars under assumed names.

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