M6 Video release / Warner Home Video DVD catalog

(The Stranger) #1

I’ve made a M6 Video release / Warner Home Video DVD catalog


(djvaso) #2

Thanks but I would call them M6 Video/SNC titles.


so far been very impressed with their releases,pity dvds don’t include either english audio or at least english sub-titles.

(The Stranger) #4

Thank you. You’re right. Is changed.


(Silence) #5

So I suppose their One To One No Mercy disc will have no sort of English? Too bad…


Some one will probably do a fandub using the print.

(candela) #7

Several related M6 releases could be added:

(Silence) #8

That’d be wonderful.

(Stanton) #9

Munich westerns, ha ha, what a wonderful term …

(tomobea) #10

Anyone out there having these “great” French Covers ;D I wouldn´t mind having them!