Lübeck & Hamburg

(Silvanito) #1

I’m going on a short trip to Deutschland very soon. I wonder if anyone can tell me if there are any special shops where you can buy DVDs in these two cities? I’ve been to Saturn and Karstadt before, it would be nice if there were some smaller shops, with lots of spaghetti-DVDs ;D

(Cian) #2

Saturn does have a good range of SW’s at the moment. I spent a whole day wandering around central Hamburg last month but didn’t find any other good shops for SW’s. Hope you have better luck than me.

(Lode) #3

Yeah! When you’ll be in Hamburg, check

Landwehr 19
222087 Hamburg
It is a shop where you can movies that are - as you can guess- hard to get. I don’t know if they have spags too, but I think so.

Or when you’ll see a Müller Drogerie go in! They have lotta cheap spag DVDs

(Sebastian) #4

yeah Müller is perfekt, and relatively cheap.

(Silvanito) #5

Vielen dank.

(Silvanito) #6

Back from my short trip.

I bought the german issue of Companeros called Lasst uns töten Companeros I didn’t know this one existed, it has both english and german audio, lots of extras, and also a good-looking cover.
I only had this film on videotape before, not the Anchor Bay-issue.

Then one of the east german DEFA-westerns Blutsbrüder starring Dean Reed, the american actor who had leftist political views, who made spaghettis in italy, and then went to live in east germany in the seventies.

I also bought, among others, Quintana er kämpft um gerechtigkeit by Vinzenzo Musolino, a low-price disc with only german audio, no extras, but with good picture quality, and a terrific theme-song.

I didn’t find any Müller-shops, gibt’s vielleicht nur in süddeutschland?

(Bluntwolf) #7

Hi Silvanito,

tell us something about ‘Blutsbrüder’ !!! It would be interesting to read about a DEFA-Western !!!

(Sebastian) #8

test ä ö ü

(Silvanito) #9

When I’ve seen the whole film I will write a little about it.

(Cian) #10

Hello German friends! Guten Tag. I’ll be in the Lubeck area for 4 days this weekend. Anyone know if there are any good shops there? Don’t think I’ll make it to Hamburg, but if I do, is Saturn worth a visit at the moment?

(Lode) #11

Depends on the guys who buy the DVD stuff for Saturn. But if you find "Massacre Time " (As Django Collection), then buy it. 12 Euro should be ok.

(Silvanito) #12

There is a big Saturn in Lübeck as well, right beside the main trainstation, and also there is a big media/ book-store on one of the shopping streets, don’t remember it’s name but you can’t miss it, they usually have lots of SW dvd’s.