Low Budget spagheti westerns

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Some very gritty spaghetti westerns have squeezed through the studios grip and have been made with nexttonothing budgets. As in the case with George Romero, low budgets can bring out the artist in filmakers. Films such as Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die and Fashand is Still My Name are both noted for their dark grittiness and very low production values. What are some others that havethis low budget feel and what are your opinons? I am a little skeptical about posting pics from a fistful of pasta so I’ll just post the link. Many of the reviews post pics of the crappy production values of some of the spaghs.



A stranger in town is one of them. Quite simple, but it works.

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Next to most of the US Western all the SW were low Budget Western. I’m not quite sure but I think The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West, Duck you sucker and My Name is Nobody had a higher Budget as usual in the business. I don’t think that Corbucci or Sollima ever had the same budget as Leone in Duck you Sucker or Once Upon a Time in the West. Fistful of Dollars is the cheapest of the Leone Movies (I think even his peplums had more budget!) but it worked perfectly. I don’t have any numbers to compare but Fistful of Dollars must be one of the cheapest but most successful in the SW Business.

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korano, you probably don’t mean “Low Budget spaghetti westerns” in this thread

You mean “Low-Low Budget spaghetti westerns” :smiley:

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That is exactly what I meen. After I posted this I thought I would be chewed out becuase all spaghettis were low budgetsand you guys would call me on it. Yes, I meen low low budget ones. deteriarating set, cheap actors, gothic atmosphere.

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cheap rules :smiley: