Lost/Missing SWs

Sorry if this topic has come up before, but missing films and television are a great interest of mine. I was wondering if there are any Italian Westerns that are definitely known to have been released which have completely disappeared from circulation.

Thanks in advance.

this one seems to be one:


Thanks, that’s really interesting. I know a big Edmund Purdon fan on another forum who I’ll mention the film to in case they’ve heard of it.

Don’t have too much time today, but I’ll do some research later this week

Giusti has a chapter on movie projects that never were started, were abandoned or led to a result that is said to exist, but can’t be traced (anymore)

The Italian SW database has this list:

Irreperibili in qualsiasi lingua:

Crisantemi per un branco di carogne
I fantasmi di Omah-Ri
I quattro pistoleri di Santa Trinità
Per 50.000 maledetti dollari
Sette pistole per El Gringo
Tutto sul rosso
Un dollaro di fuoco
Una bara per ringo
Vamos a matar Sartana

i quattro pistoleri di santa trinita (four gunmen of the holy trinity) Peter lee lawrence is avalible on DVDr
and also Sette Pistole per El Gringo (Rio Maldito/Seven pistols for a gringo) on DVDr

Per 50.000 maledetti dollari is a eurospy movie (very rare but there are German and Spanish prints), and Tutto sul rosso a eurocrime movie (unreleased to my knowledge).

Una bara per ringo is the non-original italian title for the German/Spanish western Wer kennt Jonny R, available in… German (cut) and Spanish (uncut) prints.

Un dollaro di fuoco is available in French and Spanish prints.

The lost ones are definitely

-Vamos a matar Sartana (prints seem to be circulating, but extremely rare)
-Crisantemi per un branco di carogne
-I fantasmi di Omah-Ri (unknown if this production even got finished)

Every hardcore collector has been looking for Vamos a Matar and Crisantemi for ages, and yes, this topic has come up before :slight_smile:

Thanks to Chris Casey I now know that Omah-Ri was never finished. And it wasn’t supposed to be a Western but and Indiana Jones-like film with Richard Harrison.

Good to know.

Supposdly Mexican actor Jorge Rivero made 3 Sartana films in 1974 all directed by Mario Siciliano. This was told to Mike Malloy last year when he was interviewed for an upcoming documentary on Euro Crime films. Whether these films were ever completed or released is unknown.

Adios Sartana – 1974 (Sartana)
Here Comes Sartana – 1974 (Sartana)
Return of Sartana – 1974

Never heard about 'em!

Do any of those films have imdb entries?

Man… Jorge Rivero as Sartana. That would have been great!
Of course Rivero did work with Siciliano in 1975 on the supernatural giallo Malocchio.