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Michael Emerson has revealed details of the additional sequences Lost DVD[/url]
.Emerson told Access Hollywood that the scenes will be included on the DVD have been added to reward fans of the series.“Writers, I think, wanted to give our viewers a little treat, a sweet little at the end of the series,” he said Boardwalk Empire DVD."

I think they also knew that there was a very interesting window - left an empty space in the history of the finals, and he will say:" How did all this time probably long ago, when Hurley and Ben synonymous things? How was life in the world of Dharma in this period The Office DVD? "And so I think they decided to give us just a little taste."The epilogue takes only 12 minutes, but Emerson said … "We just got a sandwich, a little tidbit events we witness, I would say, that occur in the space of two or three days, this is not necessarily compatible Sopranos DVD, but two or three days exploring.

"Emerson also revealed that his character is different in the scenes of Ben, explaining: "I think there is a new regime, a new way of doing business in a completely new philosophy … I think we need to see Ben. known and loved all these years to be himself, but with a bit of a change of context, a bit of a change of tone. "He promised that [url=http://www.dvdshop888.com/en/thrillers-crime-mystery-/doctor-who-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html]Doctor Who DVDhttp://www.dvdshop888.com/en/thrillers-crime-mystery-/lost-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html Ben visited a factory of Dharma and laughed: "The men in the Dharma station, it is well known that Ben is the suggestion is that the network is much larger and more complex than the Dharma has yet been found. Series …