Los Albaricoques and Almeria city this Thursday 10th December

Edouardo Fajardo (who more knowledgeable people than me will be familiar with) is opening a street named after him in the village. Most of the streets have been given names commemorating filming there (eg Calle Morricone) and the event is also the grand ‘opening’ for all the new names. There is an expected attendance of various local worthies. It seems to be the culmination of the latest initiative by Manuel (Hostal Alba) to promote local film history. A great man.
Also on Thursday, but not connected, there will be a screening of Hannie Caulder at Theatro Cervantes in Almeria. This will be followed by a tribute and presentation to Ernest Borgnine (who is attending).

Nice to hear that Fajardo is getting some recognition. Well done Manuel!